Even field Negroes like to play.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Play Barry Play!

NEW YORK - "Barry Bonds' contract with the San Francisco Giants isn't final just yet.
After the commissioner's office rejected Bonds' $15.8 million, one-year deal because it contained a personal-appearance provision, the team sent revised documents to his agent, Jeff Borris.
"At this time, Barry is not signing the new documents," Borris said Wednesday.
Baseball's Uniform Player Contract states a player "agrees to cooperate with the club in any and all reasonable promotional activities." Bonds' contract had additional language that the commissioner's office rejected.
Borris did not detail the provisions in dispute, but a baseball executive, speaking on condition of anonymity because these details had not been made public, said they dealt with personal appearances.
After several disputes, lawyers for the union and the commissioner's office agreed last fall that no additional appearance provisions would be accepted in future player contracts. It was not yet clear Wednesday whether Bonds must sign a new contract or whether the one he already signed would be accepted with the troublesome language eliminated.
Giants executives did not immediately return telephone calls seeking comment.
Bonds and the Giants, who agreed to financial terms Dec. 7, said Monday the drawn-out agreement had been finalized.
Still, they disagree on the meaning of an unusual provision in the deal relating to Bonds' potential legal problems. In the contract, a list of crimes acts is spelled out in a section.
"Player acknowledges and agrees that an indictment for any criminal act under (that section) ... is proper grounds for termination of this contract," Bonds' contract states.
The language in the contract was read to The Associated Press by a person with a copy of the agreement.
"Player also acknowledges and agrees that he will not grieve, appeal or otherwise challenge any club action to terminate this contract as a result of player's indictment for any criminal acts (specified) ... nor will he cause or authorize any third party, such as the Major League Baseball Players Association, to grieve, appeal or otherwise challenge any club action to terminate this contract as a result of player's indictment for any (specified) criminal acts."
The Giants wanted to protect themselves if Bonds is charged in the federal government's steroids investigation. Bonds' personal trainer, Greg Anderson, is in a California federal prison because he has refused to testify whether Bonds committed perjury when he told a 2003 grand jury he never knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs.
Borris said the contract language is unenforceable under baseball's collective bargaining agreement and its inclusion is meaningless.
"Although it is not my policy to comment on the specifics of an individual player's contract, the reporting that Barry will allow the Giants to get out of his contract if he is indicted on the federal steroid investigation is inaccurate," he said. "The collective bargaining agreement governs the work relationship between the owners and players, not the Giants' unilateral assertions."
At a news conference Wednesday to announce the 2008 All-Star game will be played at Yankee Stadium, commissioner Bud Selig wouldn't address a question about baseball's plans if Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's home run record. Bonds has 734 homers, 21 shy of Aaron's mark.
"I think I've spoken on that simply as much as I'm going to," Selig said. "I've said that we would handle it the way we've handled everything else, and that's all I have to say on that subject right now."
AP Baseball Writer Mike Fitzpatrick contributed to this report.

Hey, my first instinct was to say f**k em, don't sign the stinking contract! But you no what, that wouldn't be a smart move. Barry, you would be playing right into Dud Selig's grubby little hands. They will do any and everything to keep you out of baseball.-too embarrassing for them-Think about it, all the years of turning their backs on the steroid problem now exploding in their faces. What is everyone going to do? Ignore that you just broke one of the greatest records in sports? Well they can't, it's the 500 pound Gorilla in the room, and I love it.

Hey Barry, you are the greatest baseball player of my generation, and you deserve the f*****g record. So you won't get any "hateration" from the field negro. Not when half of MLB were juicing when you were. (Yes I said juicing,cause guess what, those little green pills...well popping them was a form of juicing too) So Barry, go do your thing, keep submitting new contracts, until they can't come up with any phony excuses to keep you from playing anymore. Then go out and hit the mother fu***r a mile. And after 756, trot around the basis, and give America a great big half of a peace sign salute! Or, drop your pants at home plate and give all of MLB your ass to kiss. Hopefully it will be a night game on the left coast and all the kids will be asleep.

Monday, January 29, 2007


This is going to sound mean, but.......can we get over the whole Barbaro thing already? I feel bad for him too, but wake up America, he was a f*****g HORSE! What is the deal with us Americans and these fu****g animals? Sorry, I live in a city where time and time again innocent children are being killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are actually human beings; so excuse me if I can't feel that type of sorrow or empathy for a horse.

I mean millions of chickens are slaughtered every year, but I love me some "Kentucky Fried", and I know some of the same people crying over Barbaro, will go and buy some horse meat tomorrow for their damn dogs.

So please folks, can we keep some perspective here, I felt bad for the big guy too, but lets not forget that he was an animal, and sh** like that happens to animals.

I'm out!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Damn They Are Good!

OK true confessions,I am not a big Tiger Woods fan-more of a Vijay Singh man myself-but I must admit; the guy has some serious game. I just knew he was going to lose to the young Aussie today, and I will be damn if he -the young fellow-didn't choke. What is it about Tiger that turns seasoned pros into jelly, and young bucks to whimpering also rans? Must be the clubs, or is it the club covers? Whatever it is, I think we are witnessing the greatest ever to play the game right before our very eyes.

Speaking of the greatest ever; it's now official in my book. Roger Federer is better than Pete Sampras. Who before Federer came along, I considered the greatest tennis player of all time.
My man has the complete game. And he can beat you with power or finesse. He did it again last night down under, and I think from the first serve in the match to the final point, every one watching knew that Federer was going to add another grand slam title to his belt.

So enjoy folks, we are living in a time when we have not one but two of the greatest ever in their respective sports playing at the same time.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Jamal Crawford dropped a sick 52 on the Heat last night, and could have hit for an easy 60, if Zeke didn't pull him with 6:51 left in the game. My man was 20-30 from the floor, and 8-10 from three point range.

Yep, this former Woverine has got mad game!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have been blessed to witness a few great sporting events live in my life time, and watch some great athletes up close and personal. The following ones come to mind:

Pele: As a kid, I saw him playing for his Brazilian club team, Santos, at the National Stadium in Kingson Jamaica. The first time he touched the ball you just knew he was special. No lie, I felt goose bumps!

Michael Johnson: Caught him at the Penn Relays. I will never forget that turn for the final 100 yards. I was cheering for the Jamaicans, but trust me, everyone in the house knew the race was over when he took the baton.

Magic: I was fortunate to watch EJ first play in Junior High School, and then a few times while he played with the Lakers. And all I can say is that he deserved the nickname.

Mike Tyson: Saw him destroy Michael Spinks at the Trump in 1988. Hell, I was scared of the mother f****r, and I wasn't even near the ring.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hating On Five

Folks, I, live in a cruel town; where the fans are so starved for a championship, and so fickle, that no superstar is safe from ridicule, and every performance is judged by their last. Which leads me to my man Donovan McNabb, or as he is affectionately called here in the "city of brotherly love"; Five. Well, lately, it seems Five has had some issues, or so the Philly media says. If you believe the stories, he was jealous of Jeff Garcia, -our cities latest Rocky reincarnation that took the iggles two deep into the playoffs- he was mad at the team trainer, he was pissed off because he was not allowed to go to New Orleans with the team, and he is mad at the fans for dissing his Mama after she had some not too smart comments on his blog. (Something about Five being upset with the way Garcia was getting all the love, and the iggles successes being bitter sweet)

But back to these fickle ass Eagles fans. Listen, I love my iggles, but I hate their fans. Many of them are flat out racist ignorant brutes, who would just as soon sell their first born to cover a spread, and who would pack up and move in a New York minute if they saw a black man moving in on their block. But still, they bleed iggle green, and they love their players -black and white- well mostly white, and, to be fair, they would cheer for the Jolly Green Giant if he could bring them a championship; just one stinking championship!
So they are killing Five. I guess all those conference championships, a trip to the Super Bowl, and all those wining seasons didn't matter. I guess all the spectacular plays, and wonderful memories didn't matter. (Wait, is that Ms. Jackson I hear singing? "What have you done for me lately") No, not in the city of "brotherly love" where our only true sports hero is a fictional one.

But to be fair, Five is not totally blameless. The guy is way too sensitive, and he comes off as a Mommas boy. Philly hates a Mommas boy. Just ask Eric Lindros, another Mommas boy who was driven out of here. And I really don't think his teammates appreciate his company man, house Negro, demeanor. Now the guy is getting over one hundred million from the company, so f**k it, I guess I would be a company man too. Then there is the booing he got on draft day, he never forgot that and he won't let it go. But hey, if it motivates him, I guess I can't complain.

So the local papers, and talk radio are all over him, they are loving the controversy because it helps ratings and fires up the masses. So the iggles have a real dilemma on their hands. Do they bring Rocky Garcia back and threaten Fives delicate psyche? Or do they dump Rocky and take a chance that Five's knee is fully healed, and all this negative chatter won't damage him for good?

In my humble opinion, they should get rid of Garcia and bring Five back. Garcia was more lucky than good in his run.(Did you see all those dropped interceptions?) And yeah that whole Rocky underdog rah rah sh** is nice, but it ain't gonna win you any championships. So please iggles, don't be stupid, this is Donovan's team. And in spite of his mom, in spite of his delicate ego, and in spite of his house Negro persona, they ain't going no where without him.

And one more thing: can we have a petition drive in Philly to get talk radio 610 and that buffoon of a morning anchor, off the air? (I see they have one token black, former Eagle, Hugh Douglas, on the station now) I can't stand that clown! And do you think its a coincidence that since he has been on the radio, we have not won a championship? I don't. The man is a flat out jinx, get him off now! And besides, did I mention that Five hates his guts?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Roundup From The Weekend

OK, let me be the first to congratulate Ms. Manning on her wonderful performance today! You stepped up and took your Colts to the Superbowl, that was big time coming back from being down 18 points. Now would it be too much to ask you to win the bowl when you get there? But I am not going to put too much on Ms. Manning right now, she delivered today and that's what counts. Congrats Lovie and Tony. Two field Negroes meeting for all the marbles, now that's a beautiful thing. I just don't want the two black coaches overkill talk leading up to the big game. A mention here and there, but that's it. Unfortunately, if I know the networks, that's all we will hear about. Still, if it can help some up and coming black coaches get jobs...maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Rex Grossman stepped up for Da Bears, and had a nice drive when they really needed it. Rex, the windy city is hoping you have one more nice game left in you, or they are toast. I just don't think that D is good enough to stop Ms. Manning, Marvin, Joseph, and company.

I caught Kevin Durant against Vanillanova, and he came up kind of small. (4-15 for 12 points). The real star in the game was my man Scottie Reynolds from Nova who dropped 26 on the boyz from the Lone Star state. Still, he looks like a nice enough player, but I am still leaning to Oden if the Sixers have the first pick in the draft. Although I wouldn't be hurting if we ended up with Joakim Noah and the second pick. I think he will be a nice pro too.

What the f**k is going on with Tubby down at Kentucky? He lost to Vanderbilt of all teams, and I bet they are starting to whisper in Lexington. I love Tubby but he hasn't really been doing any big time recruiting, and the cats have not done anything int he dance in awhile. Come on Tubby, time to step up.

A.I. and Mello debut together tomorrow night, and I can't wait.I hope the idiots here with the Sixers brass saw A.I. drop 36 on Houston last night including a three ball off the glass in OT. If you are counting, that makes three in a row for the Nuggets.

Hey, did anybody see Deuce McCallister in today's game? I mean did he have to turn informer on somebody or something? I swear he must be in the witness protection program, because I did not see him at all. Anyway, nice season Saints, thanks for all the nice memories. Better luck next year.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

How Can You Tell A Dog?

Nice to see C-Web get his wish and return to his hometown Pistons. Seems like a marriage made in heaven right about now. And C-Web is dreaming of a championship ring for his trophy case. That's all good and well, but did he have to really dog it like he did when he was here in Philly?

I mean come on C-Web, you have a 21.4 career average, and your last 18 games here with my Sixers you averaged 11 ppg, and played zero D. Now I know your knees are shot, but I have been watching you these last couple of games with Detroit, and it seems like right after you cleared waivers, those knees just got so much better. Mmmmmm.

Hey, C-Web, I liked you with the Fab Five, and I was one of the few people in America that didn't kill you for that "time out" thing. But I am starting to wonder my man, are you doing another "Big Dog"; jaking it to get out of town so that you can go collect a ring with the team that you think has a shot to win it all? I mention "Big Dog because that's exactly what he did before going to San Antonio.

I know it was one of your boy hood wishes to play with your hometown team, but the Sixers deserved more than your 11 ppg, and your 20 million hitting their cap.

And speaking of the Sixers, nice win last night against the Shackless Heat, but thanks to their God awful GM, they still stink. A 17 point lead was gone before you can say D-Wade, and they almost blew the game. It took overtime to finally pull it out,and even then, you had to think they would still find a way to lose. So yes folks, it''s official, Billy King is a terrible GM, and I am not surprised, given the fact that he is a fu****g Dukie!

I am going to have to seriously reconsider whether the Sixers should take Greg Oden from OSU if they get the first pick in the draft.( Yes he is coming out) Because my man Kevin Durant is the truth. Twenty four points and ten boards a game average? Are you kidding me? My man is the best thing to come out of Maryland since Stevie Franchise. I think the Longhorns might go deep into this years dance, and if my man decides to leave school....well let's just say that I don't want Billy King making this pick.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Damn this is hard to watch! I am talking about the Sixers here. A once venerable and great franchise reduced to losing game after game after game. (Trust me, tonight we will lose to the only other team in the league that's worse than we are, the Griz)I mean where is the good Doctor when you need him? If ever the Sixers needed a doctor, any doctor, it's now. They are pathetic, and it seems, getting worse with every game. Poor Mo Cheeks. The guy is already not the greatest coach, and with a sorry bunch like this, he really looks bad. Poor Rodney Carney, and poor Louis Williams, both young players who probably are thinking; what the hell did I get myself into here?

Yes folks, the house that A.I. built is getting emptier and emptier these days. And honestly, you can't blame the fans. I mean if they played exciting ball and were 10-28 in the worst division (The Atlantic) in the NBA, you could understand. But they play ugly ball and they lose. There is just no joy in Mudville with this bunch.

Oh, for the days of the Doc making house calls to the rack, "Chocolate Thunder" throwing down rim rattling dunks, and my man Mo Cheecks dropping dimes with the smooth grace of the Clyde. Oh well, I guess us folks here in Philly will just have to live out this winter of our discontent. (Oh yeah, the Flyers suck too), and hope and pray that we get the number one pick in the draft and move to the head of the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

This is how bad it is here: Our local paper, the Inquirer, actually ran a whole front page story on Oden. What a nice kid he is, what a great player he will be....blah blah blah.

Yeah that all sounds nice, but I want to win ow, I want to see some exciting ball now, and I am sick of losing. The sad thing is, this division is sooooo weak, that even a team like the Toronto Raptors can take it. So of all the years to stink, we choose this one.

Yo Doc, do you think you can suit em up just one more season?

And another thing; happy B-Day Muhammad Ali! But can we stop trotting the poor guy out there for every fu****g event under the sun? Geez! Let the guy grow old in peace for crying out loud. I swear if I have to watch that one more time. It's sad and it's hard for me. The guy is one of my all time favorite athletes, and a true field Negro. So watching him shaking lie a leaf with Parkinson's decease and barely able to walk is hard for me.

So enough already, the "Greatest" deserves better.

Monday, January 15, 2007

LT Is Right!

OK a couple of things I gotta get off my chest. First, LT was right! The Patriots are a classless bunch of phonies and I despise every one of those sorry ass uni wearing New Englanders. Having said that, they are probably the best organization in football since Bill Walsh's Forty Niners.

Now let's talk about their coach for a minute. You know, the guy with the personality only his mother, and Bill Parcells could love. The guy that pushed the camera man in New England, the guy that refused to shake his protege's hand, and the guy that chooses to wear that God awful looking hoody on the sidelines. I think he is a bad human being, but a great coach. Kind of like that guy coaching basketball at some obscure Texas University who just passed Dean Smith's winning record. Must be something to being a jerk and a good coach. Maybe the guys respect and fear you more. Hey, you know what's that they say about nice guys finishing last. Just ask Mo Cheeks.

So yeah, I bet he allowed, and probably encouraged his players to go dancing on the Chargers logo. No telling what they were saying in the locker room. I am sure it went something like this: "No one is giving us a chance, those Chargers or America does not respect you let's go kick their butts, and show them who we are ....blah blah blah" You know the speech. Yet, they put on a public face like they have so much respect for the Chargers, and their other opponents. But I blame the Chargers, they were sloppy, poorly coached, and not hungry enough. And memo to LT, save that fighting and passion for during the game next time, not after it.

And one final word: This is for Lovie Smith in Chicago. You are one of the lowest paid coaches in the league-typical-and you have done a terrific job with the Bears. Do not take any bull sh** offers from them. Demand a big contract, and demand that they open the bank and give you some of that mad NFL money that their owners are sitting on. The Home Depot guy in Atlanta -Arthur Blank-just gave Bobby Petrino four million for crying out loud! And Saban just got that to go and coach in college. So please Lovie, stand up and be a man, and if they give you a bull sh** offer, tell them to go and fu** themselves. Trust me, you will land o your feet.

I'm out!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Did He Just Punt?

Excuse me folks if I am fit to be tied right about now! I just watched my genius of a coach the L.A. Weight Loss Man himself, Andy Reid, give away a game to the "Who Dats" by punting on the 39 yard line with a minute and fifty four seconds to go in the f*****g game. Oh, did I mention that we were down by three at the time? Geeez! Andy what were you thinking? Did you really think we could stop Deuce McAllister once we got the ball back?

Now if this were any other team but the "Who Dats" who happen to be my second fave team behind the iggles, I would be really pissed, but I can live with the Saints going to the NFC title game. Lord knows if anyone deserves it, they do. I won't even get into all those people have been through down there, and the long history of bad teams they have had. Besides my ties and kinship to Louisiana, that's why I have always liked the Saints, because I just love an under dog.

Is Deuce still running? Like what the f**k? I mean I know our defense was gassed, but can they stop the run just once in a while? It was sickening to watch McAllister and #25 -you know the guy with the President's name-just gash run after run after run.

And I see Payton Manning finally found a way to win in the playoffs; leave it to his defense, and let them do the job. Tony Dungy has that D playing like the ones he had in Tampa. Now if he can just get Payton to stop choking in the playoffs, the Colts might have something this year.

What happened to Steve McNair today? The poor guy looked shell shocked. Must be something about wearing that Ravens uniform that makes QB's look bad. Their D showed up as usual, but their offense let them down, and I think Brian Billick was out coached.

Oh well, that's it for me folks, I will try to get some sleep now, but it will be hard, I just can't get that damn punt out of my mind.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ugly Uni Update!

Yo Kings, Like what the fu** were you thinking?

Runner Up!!!!
Gilbert, you are a serious baller, but those unis make you look like just another grinder on an ACC team.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


OK so David Beckham is gracing our shores and will be playing in the MLS next year. How nice for the glamorous one? And he even gets to play in L.A. But here is the problem; I watched the World Cup too, and except for when he made free kicks, Beckham was the worst player on the English squad. He could rarely get back and make a tackle after an attack, and his runs were awful. Yep there is a reason the English team got rid of him. Just ask Wayne Rooney,Joe Cole, and Ashley Cole if they will miss him.

Still, he will bring fans to the MLS game, and maybe this time fan interest will stick. Lord knows the MLS needs to do something. And, I hear several mid range Premiership teams were bidding for his services, as well as some top flight Italian teams. But Mr.Posh Spice only wanted to go to Chelsea, or Man U, and when that didn't happen, he took the MLS millions and ran with it. (250 million over five years)

My prediction, the Galaxy will win a bunch of games and Beckham will do alright. But he won't help them win the MLS cup, and he ain't getting a long term contract to return to Europe like he wants after this little MLS run. I think he will be surprised to see that the level of play here on this side of the pond is pretty good, and he won't be able to just run through the league.Just wait until he runs up against the likes of my man Bakary Soumare (formerly of UVA) he will see that there are some athletes over here too.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

See You In Nawlins!!

Ahhhhh, the day after my iggles put a royal ass whopping on the G-Men. I know I know we only won by a field goal, and for a moment there it looked like Tiki was going to do enough to delay his debut on "Good Morning America". But hey, we pulled it out, and that's what good teams do.

Oh, and memo to all the bone heads in the NFL who did not vote Brian Westbrook on to the pro bowl team. There are some really good smokes in Kentucky too. You don't have to get all of your weed from Jamaica and Northern Cali. And you might want to stop smoking just long enough to make an intelligent selection.

This Saturday will be tough for me. Because I love those "Who Dats" too, and the "Big Easy" will be rocking. This is a win win for the field. Whichever teams wins I will be happy. Although it would be nice to talk some smack to my boyz in Louisiana.

I hate to admit it, but I feel bad for the Cowpokes and Toney -I dated Jessica Simpson-Romo-Kind of reminds me of something similer that happened to my iggles against those very hated cow pokes a few years back. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

Hey, I know this is a rebuilding year for the Flyers, but.....damn they look bad, I though no matter how bad you were in the NHL, you still have a chance every night due to goal keeping? Well the Flyers just don't look like they have a chance every night, and that's a really bad thing.

The best basketball team in Philly is not the Sixers, or any of the Big Five teams.(Temple,Villanova,St.Joes, Penn, or Lasalle) No folks the best team in Philly is the Drexel Dragons. They are playing some sick ball, and Bruiser Flint looks like the real deal as a coach. They have put a beat down on some serious teams (like Syracuse) already and have damn near walked through the Big Five. Mmmmm, not sure how much longer the Dragons will be able to keep Bruiser in West Philly.

And one last thing about these fickle ass fans in my beloved Philly. Hey, I love Jeff Garcia as much as the next guy, and yes he has been a God send. But please stop with the QB controversy talk. This is D- Macs team, and Jeff Garcia,weak arm and all, might know how to run this offense, and I like his fire and passion. But he ain't no Donovan McNabb. So please turn off that moron on WIP in the mornings and get some sense in your heads.

The field is out.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well it's a new year, and the field is pumped. I caught some of the bowl games, and I was ...well bowled over by some of the performances. First, I must give some love to LSU, for stomping those hated "domers". (God I hate Notre Dame) Charlie the fat man was totally out coached and I think we should hold off on that bust of him right in front of touchdown Jesus for now.

Did anyone see the Boise State Oklahoma game? Classic! Except for the part where that running back proposed to his cheer leader girlfriend. Was it just me, or did that seem just a way bit creepy. What else? Oh, it seems some of these mid major conferences -especially the WAC gave a good accounting of themselves. The SEC on the other hand, I am not so sure about. No way Tennessee should have lost to Penn State, and I will get to Bama in a minute.

OK minute up. Yes folks, my beloved Tide backed up the Brinks truck to Nick Saban's door and he could not resist. Isn't non-prophet status great? 40 million over ten years, now that's big time. I was starting to wonder there for a minute. I mean the West Virginia coach turned us down for crying out loud. WEST VIRGINIA! Like since when did that become a storied program over Alabama? I know the folks down in Bayou country are fuming, but get over that sh**, you would have done the same thing. Can you imagine if DeMarcus Russell had stayed home and not went to Baton Rouge? Well folks, I think Mr. Saben was thinking the same thing.

Nice to see the Sixers put together a nice little winning streak. And yes, A.I. is doing just fine in that mile high altitude. Just wait until Melo gets back, they are going to be so sick together. I can see A.I. averaging twelve dimes a game now.

My Iggles play the G-Men this Sunday in the playoffs, and I can't wait. In case you did not know, that is absolutely the team I hate the most in the no fun league. They talk allot of crap, and can never back it up. And I am so tired of the whole Manning family thing. None of those boys have ever won squat on any level, so please folks no more of the Manning boys until they can actually win when it counts. Like how do you think those idiots in New York are feeling right about now after damn near giving the Super Bowl to San Diego? I said it then and I will say it again; New York should have taken Phillip Rivers.

Hey, whatever happened to Anthony Mason?