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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Leprechaun Brought No Luck!

Watching Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers as their chins dropped lower than their draft stock was priceless. Fifth? You get to pick fifth after damn near tanking an entire season just to get the number one pick?

But I love it for so many reasons. Number one, the hated Celtics will not get either Greg Oden, or Kevin Durant. And two, we won't have to see Greg Oden drop double doubles at the Wach for the next fifteen years. We will face him only a couple of times a year and that's a good thing.

Memo to Danny and Doc: Next time play every game during your season like it matters:)

So what do we do at number 12? Well readers of this blog know how I feel about that Dukie, Billy King, calling the shots for my Sixers. But since he will not be going anywhere anytime soon, I guess we are stuck with him making the pick.

So Billy,here is my suggestion:If Julian Wright or Alcie Law is sitting there when you pick ,take them. ( Slight edge to Law) I know we have Andre Miller, but trade Lou Williams (who might end up being a nice player in this league) and go with Law as Miller's back up for now. In the later rounds, go with the best scorer available. We still need points in the line up.

The dead wings broke my heart the other night. How can you lose to the Ducks? I thought the series was a wrap when the Wings had that 1-0 lead in "Hockey Town" during game five. And then..... Oh well, maybe next year. And yes this black man loves him some Red Wings.

It's a Michigan childhood thing, what can I tell you.

Please keep former Vanilla-nova star, Howard Porter in your prayers!