Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ugly uni alert!

I caught the Nevada New Mexico bowl game yesterday, and WTF is up with those ugly unis the wolf pack wear?

Come on guys, you are trying to build your program, not tear it down. You can't attract recruits with those ugly duds. Players like to look good on Saturdays too.

Of course I am not one to talk; as an Eagles fan, I am still trying to get over those ugly ass throw backs my team sported against the Lions earlier this year.

And for you soccer fans out there/ New Castle United still gets the nod for the ugliest unis with their ugly ass prison striped black and whites. The look like eleven referees running around out there. Putrid!
Finally, can somebody beat the Patriots please?
This shit is getting old.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

No asterisk needed*

Now that the Mitchell Report is finally out about steroid use in baseball, we will finally get to see what a bunch of hypocrites A-merry-can sports writers are. Remember how every one and their mama vilified Barry Bonds, and when they weren't doing that they were making fun of him? And remember how only Dick Cheney was less popular last summer as Bonds went after baseball's most hallowed record?

They said it was because he cheated; he didn't play by the rules like everyone else; he had an unfair advantage. Well now that we know that a bunch of other people were cheating too, including A-merry-ca's baseball darling, "The Rocket", I wonder if we will hear the same outcry from here on out?

Of course we won't. All we will hear and read about is a bunch of sports writers bemoaning the fact that this report had to come out in the first place. They will make all kinds of excuses for their darlings like Roger Clemens who got caught, but you won't hear about or read anyone saying that maybe, just maybe, Barry Bonds was doing what everyone else was; including all star pitchers. Hey, I am from Philly, and you would have a hard time convincing me that damn near everyone on that 1993 Philies team wasn't juiced up. But instead A-merry-ca picked on Bonds. Why? Because he was the surly non smiling, angry black man, that's why. If he could only have laughed and smiled like Sammy.

So they next few days should be fun. I will enjoy watching these guys moon walk away from this one like Michael Jackson before all the nose jobs. And here is one field Negro who hopes there is no asterisk beside all those Barry Bonds records. Because given all that was going on around him; those records were broken fair and square.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday roundup!

I swear sometimes I am ashamed to be a part of Eagle Nation. These moronic fans screamed all week for A.J. Feeley to start and today he did. Well I hope you are happy with his four picks today. Two of them ending in touchdowns for the Hawks and one of them ending the game and probably the season for the birds.

The next time you morons go screaming for Donovan's head on a platter, just remember A.J.'s performance today.

And do the Cowpokes and T.O. look good or what? I swear the Eagles f****d up when they let him go.

$500,000! No wonder the folks in white had nation wanted to keep Jo Pa's salary a secret. I mean how cheap can you get? This is big time college football (Saben is getting 5 million at Bama) and you stiff the old man for half a million stinking dollars? No wonder he has been so cranky lately.

And speaking of college football, it looks like it might be LSU and Ohio State in the National Championship game, not sure what to think of that except if there was a season that we needed a playoff system this is it.

Finally, congrats to the Celtics. I didn't know this little three headed experiment could work, but it looks like it's working just fine. Let's just see if those old legs can keep this up throughout the season.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


Say it ain't so Eddie Pope. Please tell me you are not retiring from MLS soccer.

Well, you will be missed. You were a class act that made a believer out of this sceptic about the potential of American soccer. You personified class on and off the pitch, and MLS soccer will be losing a great ambassador.

You could have played in Europe for bigger bucks, but you stayed here and carved out a glorious career.

Not bad for a kid from a small town in North Carolina.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

This N That

Well it's official, my Eagles really do stink!

That performance against Dallas in front of a national T.V. audience was disgraceful. I am now officially joining the crazed Eagle Nation mob calling for Coach Reid's big head.
Sorry, the man has got some serious problems at home (Both sons in jail) and I think it's beginning to become a distraction. In case you missed it; even the Judge in Reid's sons case dressed down the coach and his wife, calling the Reid home a literal "drug emporium" and chastising the couple for a lack of supervision.

But honestly,the Eagles have been not only bad on the field, but they have been making bad draft choices as well, (They just cut a second round draft choice) so it's over.

Speaking of over, the Sixers were over before the season even started. And did you see that their first round draft choice has been moved to the "D"league? I was screaming for them to get the kid from Florida State but they ignored me and every other fan in this city and picked Thad Young, now looked what that got us.

And since I am killing Philly teams, I might as well go for the trifecta. The Phillies refuse to even consider bidding for A-Rod, yet one of their six owners just sold his cigar company for almost three billion. Yes, you read that correctly; THREE BILLION WITH A B. But they can't come up with 30 million for A-Rod? Give me a fucking break. And we are supposed to start next season with Wes stinking Helms at third base? I don't think so.

Oh well, such is life in Philly, doomed to a life of being a second rate city, trapped between New York and Washington. And until we get some owners with some vision around here, who will stop looking at this town as if it was Mayberry RFD, we will be nothing but a bunch of mediocre losers.

Hey is T.O. still catching balls at the Link?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I am sick of Red Sox Nation already!

Are these clowns ever going to lose another post season game?


And as if the saaax aren't enough; they now have the stinking spies ,(The Patriots) BC, and now it looks like the Celtics to cheer for.

Must be nice. Here in Philly, we would take one winner. Just one!

Oh well, at least the Flyer's beat the Bruins (2-1) last night.

Saaax in four.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Jason "Fatlock" Strikes Again!

I would like to send a big thank you to a couple of people for sending me this link. (Lakeisha in Wilmington comes to mind.)

But here is the latest from Jason "Fatlock" (Someone gave me that name too)

"You get one NFL Truth today. Watching Chad Johnson and Larry Johnson undermine their respective head coaches, Marvin Lewis and Herm Edwards, on Sunday gave me a singular focus, forced me to contemplate an uncomfortable truth.
African-American football players caught up in the rebellion and buffoonery of hip hop culture have given NFL owners and coaches a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters. That will be the legacy left by Chad, Larry and Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and all the other football bojanglers.

In terms of opportunity for American-born black athletes, they're going to leave the game in far worse shape than they found it.

It's already starting to happen. A little-publicized fact is that the Colts and the Patriots — the league's model franchises — are two of the whitest teams in the NFL. If you count rookie receiver Anthony Gonzalez, the Colts opened the season with an NFL-high 24 white players on their 53-man roster. Toss in linebacker Naivote Taulawakeiaho "Freddie" Keiaho and 47 percent of Tony Dungy's defending Super Bowl-champion roster is non-African-American. Bill Belichick's Patriots are nearly as white, boasting a 23-man non-African-American roster, counting linebacker Tiaina "Junior" Seau and backup quarterback Matt Gutierrez.
Chad Johnson's hip hop attitude is giving black athletes in the NFL a bad name. (Chris Graythen / Getty Images)

For some reason, these facts are being ignored by the mainstream media. Could you imagine what would be written and discussed by the media if the Yankees and the Red Sox were chasing World Series titles with 11 African-Americans on their 25-man rosters (45 percent)?
We would be inundated with information and analysis on the social significance. Well, trust me, what is happening with the roster of the Patriots and the Colts and with Roger Goodell's disciplinary crackdown are all socially significant.

Hip hop athletes are being rejected because they're not good for business and, most important, because they don't contribute to a consistent winning environment. Herm Edwards said it best: You play to win the game.

I'm sure when we look up 10 years from now and 50 percent — rather than 70 percent — of NFL rosters are African-American, some Al Sharpton wannabe is going to blame the decline on a white-racist plot.

That bogus charge will ignore our role in our football demise. We are in the process of mishandling the opportunity and freedom earned for us by Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Doug Williams, Mike Singletary, Gale Sayers, Willie Lanier and countless others. And those of us in the media who have rationalized, minimized and racialized every misstep by Vick, Pacman and T.O. have played an equal role in blowing it.

By failing to confront and annihilate the abhorrent cultural norms we have allowed to grab our youth, we have in the grand American scheme sentenced many of them to hell on earth (incarceration), and in the sports/entertainment world we've left them to define us as unreliable, selfish and buffoonish.

I take you to Arrowhead Stadium this past Sunday when two competent and respected black head coaches led the Chiefs and the Bengals in battle, and their efforts were periodically sabotaged by Chad and Larry Johnson, the two players Lewis and Edwards have defended the most.

Football fans are aware of Lewis' love affair with Chad Johnson, the Flavor Flav of the gridiron. Johnson's insistence on conducting a minstrel show during games has long been reluctantly tolerated by Lewis. Johnson, I guess, is just too talented, productive and well-compensated for Lewis to discipline. So Lewis has chosen to enable, going as far as making excuses when Johnson's selfish behavior extended to an alleged locker-room shoving match with coaches (including a swing at Lewis) at halftime of the Bengals' Jan. 8, 2006 playoff loss to the Steelers.
Coming off an 11-5 regular season and having been crowned the toast of Cincinnati, Lewis responded to that Johnson meltdown by vowing to cut the player who leaked the fight information to the media.

Since then, the Bengals have been one of the league's biggest disappointments, finishing 8-8 last season and starting 1-4 this season. Injuries have played a significant role in Cincy's troubles, but so has a lack of on- and off-field discipline and focus. Lewis' coddling of Chad Johnson has destroyed the chemistry that made the Bengals a playoff team in 2005.
On Sunday, with the Bengals trying to rally out of a two-score deficit, Johnson failed to finish a pass route, which contributed to Carson Palmer throwing an interception.

Not to be outdone, Larry Johnson continued his season-long pattern of immature behavior, spiking the football in frustration with 4 minutes to play and the Chiefs attempting to run out the clock. The Bengals were out of timeouts and the spike stopped the clock, giving Cincy one last chance to make a comeback.

Pacman Jones' off-field legal troubles are indicative of a larger cultural problem. (Brian Bahr / Getty Images)
Johnson, despite receiving a new $45-million contract, has brooded, pouted and complained all season. He spent the off-season promising to be a leader and has spent the first six weeks of the season spreading locker-room cancer. Edwards-coached teams have traditionally been the least-penalized squads in the NFL. This year's Chiefs are one of the most-penalized squads. Nickel back Benny Sapp drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Sunday, had to be dragged off the field by Donnie Edwards, and was spotted on the sideline arguing with players and coaches.

Race is not the determining factor when it comes to having a good or bad attitude. Culture is.
Hip hop is the dominant culture for black youth. In general, music, especially hip hop music, is rebellious for no good reason other than to make money. Rappers and rockers are not trying to fix problems. They create problems for attention.
That philosophy, attitude and behavior go against everything football coaches stand for. They're in a constant battle to squash rebellion, dissent and second opinions from their players.
You know why Muhammad Ali is/was an icon? Because he rebelled against something meaningful and because he excelled in an individual sport. His rebellion didn't interfere with winning. Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc. rebelled with dignity and purpose.

What we're witnessing today are purposeless, selfish acts of buffoonery. Sensible people have grown tired of it. Football people are recognizing it doesn't contribute to a winning environment.
Whether calculated or not, the Patriots and the Colts have created settings in which Brady and Manning can lead and feel comfortable. I remember back in the 1980s when some black sports fans accused the Celtics of being racist for having a predominantly-white roster when Larry Bird was the star. No one remembered that Red Auerbach occasionally fielded an all-black starting lineup during Bill Russell's heyday.

My point is that it makes sense to cater to your stars. And it makes even more sense to fill your roster with players who don't mind being led, even if you sacrifice a little 40-yard dash speed.
If things don't change quickly, we're going to learn this lesson the hard way. "

Mr. Fatlock; if Chad Johnson is the Flave Fav of the gridiron, you are the Flava Flav of sports writers. That was absolute rubbish. But I am glad you wrote it, so that the rest of us can see what a buffoon you are. NFL teams are picking white players because they want more character guys? What?

My man, your fat ass has just taken self hate to a whole other level.

Enjoy those Kansas City Steaks.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Don't feel sorry for Marion, she will be fine. What about all her opponents who busted it by playing fair, only to lose to this cheater?

But I suspect many of these North American female track and field athletes have been cheating for awhile. (Flo Jo anyone?) And we used to rip the old East German athletes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


"Shawn Laidlaw Says: September 18th, 2007 at 6:24 pmWhen black athletes or black people in general fail at anything then the race card comes out. It seems nowdays that anytime they face any kind of adversity they cry that white america is keeping them down. This is why they will always get scrutinized. Some day they will realize that your accountable for your own success or failure in life. No one gives you anything easy, no matter what color you are. It’s also tough to have symapthy for black athletes who make 10 million a year and can’t stop getting arrested. Who’s fault is that?" ~~Lifted from the "Morning Buzz" blog.~~

Ahhh the delicate little problem that is race in America. It used to be that the one place we could get away from all this racial talk was on the athletic field. But now, I am not so sure. Vick,O.J., Bonds, NFL players behaving badly, and even "5" calling out the fans in Philly and American sports fans in general, for viewing African American QB's a little differently than the more melanin challenged ones in their fraternity. The racial hits just keep coming in even the sports world now. Geez, what is America to do? If we can't use sports to escape our real issues---like this damn war for instance---where else are we going to turn? I mean, after all, we can only look at Paris Hilton's narrow behind for so long.

And did I mention Isiah? Yes, it seems "Zeke" (His nickname from his playing days) was sued recently by an African American sister for creating a hostile working environment for her. The sister alleges in her complaint, that Thomas constantly referred to her in private as a bitch and a hoe. Now as a result, she is seeking serious damages from the Knick executive, and his organization. If Thomas was ignorant and insensitive enough to do what this woman is alleging, well, then, I hope the sister breaks the bank. If he didn't....(I am thinking of a Kanye West song here) Apparently allot of nasty things have already came out in this trial, (I am hereby revoking Stephan Marbury's field Negro status for his little ep, in his Jeep with that intern) and I suspect there will be more to come. I saw clips of Isiah's deposition today, and his statements about white men calling African American bitches, as opposed to black men using the "B" word was rather...how do I say this kindly? Strange. I mean, on some levels I understand what he was saying, I am sure on just a gut level it would piss me off more if I saw or heard a white man call one of my sisters a bitch. (Too much history and pain there, so I know it would affect me) Now fortunately for me, and the person who would have said it, I have never witnessed such a thing, and I doubt it many real brothers have. ( You don't think there were any real brothers around in Durham that night do you?) But I have to take issue with Isiah for seeming to imply that it's cool for "us" to call our women bitches. By saying there is a different standard, he seems to be implying that some "bitch" calling is better than others. It's not.

But this has already become an issue in the white blogosphere, and with the usual suspects like FAKE NEWS. "Why is there a different standard for calling a woman a bitch? I swear these arrogant athletes, not only are they racist, but they are sexist as well."

I know one thing, I hope O.J. won't think all the people converging on Jena , Louisiana Thursday will be there to protest his latest arrest. Unfortunately, knowing O.J., he probably will.
[cross posted at the field Negro blog]

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Is Roger Goodell a joke or what? The penalty he imposed on that cheater,Bill Belichick, and the New England Parrots is a joke. $500,000 and some stinking draft picks? Are you kidding me? The lose a first rounder if they make the playoffs, but guess what? They have two number one picks for 2008, so in essence, the lose nothing.

Can you imagine if these were players the league caught cheating? They would have been three and four game suspensions at least.

The Commissioner should be ashamed of himself, and I would say the same about Belichick, but he has no shame.

Speaking of having no shame; you gotta love what his happening to the Irish Nation. All I can say is; after what you did to that classy Ty Wllingham, you deserve every thing you get with this fraud of a team. I love it, 0-3 and counting, if there is a God, the Irish will lose every single game this year.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hail to the Victors?

"Hail to the victors" my ass. Yes, I am just now getting around to posting this, and I really don't have much to say. I mean what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said?

Michigan, your performance was disgraceful, there is just no other way to put it. You just don't lose at home to Appalachian State, a program that is not even supposed to be playing with the big boys at the 1-A level. I don't care if they won ten national championships in Division 1-AA , they shouldn't be able to beat you at home, away, on the moon, wherever.

All I can say is Lloyd Carr is toast now. And not only because of this embarrassment (from number 5 in the AP poll, to not even being in the top 25) but also because he is 1-5 against Ohio State. That is just not supposed to happen in Wolverine Nation. I guarantee you that if Carr was 5-1 against the Buckeyes their wouldn't be cries for his scalp now.

I have always said that the Big Ten is too slow, and it showed last Saturday. That QB from Ap. State was runnning away from Michigan defenders like he stole Bo Schembechler's head stone.

But believe it or not, that wasn't the best thing that happened Saturday. No, it was watching Fat Charlie and his stinking domers get hosed by Georgia Tech at home. Charlie, no wonder you wouldn't name your starting QB, they all stunk. The freshman is the best of the bunch so you mighty as well go with him. Mmmm, all of a sudden you ain't looking like such a genius now are you? See what having good players can do Charlie? I hoped you enjoyed playing with all Tyrone Willingham's talent last year, because I am guessing that it could be awhile before you see that kind of talent again.

And finally, I have a request to make: Please America, no more Payton Manning!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A sad ending to a troubled life.

It was a sad day in Sharon Hill Pennsylvania yesterday. A bright star with a troubled past was put to rest.

Everyone has heard by now how former NBA player,Eddie Griffin, drove his SUV into a train in Houston Texas. An accident so horrific, that it took days to identify his six foot ten inch frame. There wasn't even any skid marks at the scene.

Griffin always had potential, but he had a troubled NBA career, bouncing from team to team, and struggling with substance abuse problems. The news always focused on Griffin's problems, such as his volatile temper which got him suspended from Roman Catholic High School, and a fight that got him kicked off his college basketball team at Seton Hall.

But there was a warm side to Griffin too, and many people here in Philly talk about a real good soft spoken kid with a big heart. I remember a buddy of mine watching the Philadelphia high school catholic league championship game a few years ago, and raving about how good Griffin was. But something bothered him about Griffin even then. Even though he was doing some serious balling on the court, his head didn't seem to be really in the game. And after the game, when his teammates were dancing around the court in jubilation, Griffin seemed disinterested and distant, and didn't even seem to want to participate in the celebrations. My buddy said it then: "Something isn't right with that kid" Boy was he right.

But it was a nice and fitting funeral. Former teammates (such as Kevin Garnett) coaches, family, and his former counselor, John Lucas, were all there. Everyone talked about the sad tragedy of a talented and kind young man who lost is life all too soon.

On a lighter note; I see Tyson Gay beat my man Asafa Powell in the 100 meters at the world championships in Japan. Congrats to the American for a nice win. Now let's see if my man Asafa, can get his shit together in time for the Olympics.

On the women's side; my home girl, Veronica Campbell, beat the American, Lauryn Williams in a very close race. Nice revenge for that 1993 win by Gail Devers over Merlene Ottey. (Yes I still haven't gotten over it) Devers beat Ottey by 001 seconds in that heart breaker.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Giants feuding; I love it!

"ALBANY, N.Y. - Tiki Barber wanted a more intense, fiery Eli Manning. The New York Giants quarterback gave Tiki what he wanted in a loud ripping voice on Tuesday.
Two days after being criticized on national television by Barber for a lack of strong leadership, Manning ripped his former teammate and current NBC football analyst for distracting the team last season with his early retirement announcement and his criticism of coach Tom Coughlin.
'I guess I'm just happy for Tiki that he's making a smooth transition into the TV world,' Manning said. "You know, I'll be interested to see if he has anything to say (about a team) besides the Giants, and what his comments will be on that."

Normally reserved and never one to criticize a coach or teammate, Manning seemed to enjoy going after Barber, the Giants' all-time leading rusher who retired after last season at age 31 to pursue a television career.
Speaking during the halftime show of the Sunday Night Football game between the Giants and Baltimore Ravens, Barber had said that Manning's attempt to lead an offensive meeting in the 12th week of the last season was "comical" at times.
Manning didn't find the comment funny.

'It's just one of those deals. I'm not going to lose any sleep about what Tiki has to say,' Manning said. "I guess I could have questioned his leadership skills last year with calling out the coach and having articles about him retiring in the middle of the season, and he's lost the heart (to play).

'As a quarterback you're reading that your running back has lost the heart to play the game and it's about the 10th week," Manning said. "I can see that a little bit at times. But I'm not going to get concerned. I'm going to go out there and play ball.'

Barber was not immediately available for comment.
Giants teammates came to Manning's defense on Tuesday.
Wide receiver Amani Toomer, who played his entire career with Barber, was stunned.
'I thought Tiki and Eli were pretty good friends,' Toomer said. "It's kind of strange to have him say something like that and to make a point of it like that. Maybe he had somebody else in his ear kind of coaxing him into saying stuff, because I don't believe he really believes that. I don't know why he'd say something like that.'

Manning's father, Archie, said at a charity bowling event in Indianapolis for his other son, Super Bowl MVP Peyton, that he had not counseled the Giants quarterback on how to handle the situation.

'He talked to me a while ago and said Tiki got after him a little bit the other night, and he said it's not a big deal," Archie Manning said. ' He told me a whole lot of people in the Giants organization were proud of what he said.

'Eli's not a controversial guy and he's not going to be. I feel like if Eli did something like that, it would come from his heart.'
Center Shaun O'Hara said that Manning is progressing as a leader, especially for a fourth-year player. 'I don't have any problems with Eli's leadership and the way he does it,' O'Hara said. 'He's doing it his way. I think players appreciate that. It's a shame everybody wants Eli to be somebody they think he should be instead of just letting him be himself.'

O'Hara noted that Manning might be under the microscope more than most young quarterbacks because he is the brother of Peyton Manning. 'For me, you can be Johnny Rah-Rah, but if you're not doing your job, if you're not pulling your weight, it doesn't matter what you say," O'Hara said. "Being loud, that doesn't make you a great leader.'

Tackle David Diehl said Manning showed his leadership Sunday night, getting the offensive lined up right when the Ravens threw a couple of new looks at them on defense.
Giants new quarterback coach Chris Palmer added that Manning does everything a coach wants.
'Everybody leads in a different way," Palmer said. 'If you buy any business books, there are 101 ways to lead. He'll lead in his own particular fashion.'

While Barber praised Manning at times for his play, he also questioned whether he could be a leader of men and make plays when the chips were down.
'His personality hasn't been so that he can step up, make a strong statement and have people believe that it's coming from his heart,' Barber said on the show.
Barber then told the story about Manning being uncomfortable talking to the offense in Week 12.

'He didn't feel like his voice was going to be strong enough and it showed,' Barber said. 'Sometimes it was almost comical the way that he would say things.'
While Barber rushed for 1,662 yards last season, the second highest single-season total in Giants history, he also was a distraction in an 8-8 season that saw the Giants make the playoffs.
He went on record in early October saying that the 2006 season would probably be his last. He also created problems for Coughlin when he criticized him for pulling away from the running game too soon in a loss to Jacksonville in November.
It was the second time he went after his head coach.

After a playoff loss to Carolina in 2005, Barber said Coughlin was outcoached by Panther coach John Fox, a former Giants assistant. While Coughlin refused to get involved in the controversy, he was happy Manning defended himself.

'Well, he thought about what he was going to do, and he decided he would say exactly what he felt," Coughlin said. "More power to him.' "

I would like to thank the AP for the above story. I love it when two Giants are fighting. (God I hate the Giants!)

As an Eagles fan, this is a sad day for me, because the Trot man-Jeremiah Trotter-was given his release today. OK, that's a nice way of saying he was cut.

I sure hope the birds know what they are doing. From all accounts had lost more than a few steps, and teams were exploiting him when he was on the field. But the guy was a real leader in the locker room, and was a pretty good run stopper against North and South runners.

So Andy, I hope you know what you are doing, and I hope Omar Gaither will be able to step in. If not, I am afraid that those stinking Giants up the turn pike will have the last laugh.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Man he is good!

So Tiger hangs on to win his 13th major in 100 degree heat. The guy was just making pars all day and it was still enough to win. The more I watch Woods, the more I have to wonder if there aren't guys on the tour with just as much talent. The problem is, no one has that laser like focus and the determination that he does.

Do you see what usually happens to guys that play with him when he is in contention on a Sunday? They fold like a dress shirt in a Macy's display. Today some poor Canadian guy had to take his lumps under the scrutiny, and it was sad to watch. "Big Easy" (Ernie Els) made it fun for a minute, but you just knew it was Wood's day all along.

Nice to see that Roger Federer is human too. He finally lost a tournament today in Montreal to a guy with a name I can't even remember. Still, he is my favorite to win the U.S. Open.

Can anyone stop the Yankees? I promise you that if you asked people in Boston right now, if they would be happy just to make the playoffs as a wild card team, they would say yes. Why, because everyone in Beantown knows that the Yankees will catch them and take the division, that's why. Then they will have to hold off Seattle, Detroit, or Cleveland just to make the playoffs.

It should be a fun September.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Way to go BARRY, you are, quite frankly, the greatest baseball player in my lifetime. Steroids or no steroids.

To all the Bonds haters out there, consider this: Before 1998, he had 3 MVP awards, 8 all star appearances, and 8 gold glove awards. So excuse me if he put up freakish home run numbers after 1998, when he was supposedly on the juice. I am going to guess that quite a few players doing that time period were juicing, including the happy twins; Sosa, and McGuire, not to mention a few pitchers. (Some quite famous ones included) Oh, and if we are going to put an asterisk next to Bond's accomplishments, why don't we just put one next to every payer who played before 1947? But somehow I doubt that will happen, because we are such hypocrites in America, and our memory can be so selective.

So America, get over the hateration [like that word woozie?] of Bonds. We know it's because he is supposedly a jerk, and not fan friendly, and he is mean to sports writers. Who gives a shit? Yeah that Ty Cobb was a real Prince charming wasn't he? The last time I checked, that racist jerk was in the Hall, and America still loves him.

If Bonds is not a first ballot Hall of Famer, it will say more about the frauds who run American sports than any steroid scandal ever could. I am just glad Hammering Hank acknowledged the whole thing via video, he was starting to come up pretty small.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh just shut up!

Hey Bob, let it go now will ya please? Yes Barry might have taken the juice, so f*****g what?

I have a news flash for you. Probably 40% of the players during that era juiced; including some of your favorite pitchers. So shut the f**k up!

Besides, can you stroke a 98 MPH fastball 400 yards even if you were juicing every day of your life until now? Yeah I didn't think so.

Monday, July 30, 2007


Bill Walsh.
I was never a big fan of your "West Coast" offense, but you won three Super Bowls and spawned some pretty good coaches. More importantly, you seemed like a decent person, and a pretty good human being.

You will be missed.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I know players have been behaving badly of late, but now it seems some of those charged to control the games may be behaving badly as well.

Tim Donaghy is from my hometown of Philadelphia, and now finds himself under the gun so to speak. As it turns out the feds have been investigating some not too nice characters, and referee Tim was drawn into that net righ along with these other charecters. Now the question is; how many more are involved? I know the NBA is hoping that not even one more of their referees have this problem. Because if they do; then the pro game now has a serious issues. Much more serious than a few players behaving badly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dog days for Mr. Vick

No truth to the rumor that Nike dropped Michael Vick and Hush Puppy picked him up......I know white folks that wasn't funny.

But seriously, if this story with Vick and the dogs is true, he is cooked. America will never forgive him! He would have had a better chance of redemption if he had killed his wife like another famous football player did. I have blogged on the issue of white folks and their pets before, and if you thought I was lying, watch how this Vick thing plays itself out.

On my to work this morning it was all over AM radio stations. And I am not just talking about the sports shows. One guy actually called in and asked for the "death penalty" if it could be proven that Vick actually trained dogs to fight.

Now let me say for the record; I love dogs. If I had to make a choice between a dog and a cat it wouldn't even be close. They don't call them "man's best friends" for nothing. Still, I just don't get it with America and animals. There is so much hypocrisy involved with this entire situation that it's almost laughable. I can hear Joe "Sixpack" over the dinner table now: "Honey can you believe what this jerk did to those poor animals? The man should be put under the jail; how can you do that to a poor dog, another living thing for crying out loud? Ahhh could you pass the steak for me please?" Context America, context.

Sorry, I live in a city where 222 human beings like me have been murdered so far this year; so you will excuse me if I don't lose any sleep over Micheal Vick's fucking dogs.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

"You aint all the way black"

As someone who loves to speak uncomfortable truths myself, I have to say that I have no problem with Gary Sheffield when he speaks his mind. Sheffield is to baseball, what Francis Holland has become to the blogosphere. I love the guys honesty, his blunt talk, and the way he can straight stroke a baseball. Believe me, as a long time Detroit Tigers fan (don't ask how) this is important to me.

So Gary Sheffield has been "stirring the pot" again. This time by calling out the Yankees and their Manager, Joe Torre, for their double standard when it comes to their treatment of black players. Sheffield, because of his abilities as a player, and because of his veteran status has been acting as an unofficial spokesperson for the African American players in Major League Baseball . His comments about the passive Latin players and baseball's more willingness to deal with them, was also controversial and drew criticism from a majority white sports public tired of hearing about race. They wish the talk of race in their beloved sports world would just go away like one of Sheffield's home runs deep into Tiger stadium.

But why should it? Why shouldn't Sheffield be able to speak his mind? Every great athlete who makes a Brinks Truck load of money can't be like Mike, or Magic, or, for that matter, Tiger. No, some people in America,regardless of how much money they make actually call bullshit when they see it. For the record, I despise Michael Jordon as a person. I think he is a sellout, and is someone who turned his back on his people so that little white boys in Iowa can have his posters on their walls, and little black boys in inner city America can kill and rob each other for his $150 branded sneakers. Now he spends his retirement running from golf course to golf course gambling away his money, and playing O.J. (think about it) from one resort to another. He and his side kick, the round mound of buffoonery, also known as Sir Charles, are beloved by white folks because they never say things to really make them (white folks) uncomfortable. Charles tries from time to time, but he is viewed more as a big joke, and is never taken seriously by anyone who listen to him. Sheffield, on the other hand, is viewed as an "angry black man" ---at least that's how one local sports talk show described him today--- and thus he makes white folks uncomfortable. The response to his statements are often swift and vitriolic. "The guy makes millions and he is still angry, Sheffield should just shut up and play, he makes good money what is he bitching about, he makes more money that I will ever see in my life, and I am white." (God forbid a black man does that) Nothing puzzles white folks more than a black man who makes a lot of money but still bitches about inequities in society. To them, money is the great equalizer and should cure all woes real and perceived. Sheffield was confronted with another popular comeback when the uncomfortable issue of race is raised. Well if the Yankees are so bad why is it that a black player -Derek Jeter- gets the mega star treatment from them. (If America is so bad for black people how come Oprah is so rich?) Sheffield's response was that Jeter wasn't "all the way black", that he is both "black and white" true statements because Jeter is the child of a mixed marriage. Yet I am sure he will be pillaged for that one as well.

Now let me say for the record that I don't know anything about what goes on behind the scenes with the Yankees or Joe Torre. Sheffield said that other black players had an issue with Torre because "they weren't treated like everyone else". They were called out and "disrespected" while the white players weren't. This may or may not have been true. But I will say this; if it is true I wouldn't be surprised. What, cause they are the Yankees they are above racism? Bullshit! When it comes to racism everybody is a fucking suspect.

So keep speaking your mind Mr. Sheffield, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people. The other field Negroes out here have your back, and we are glad you make other people uncomfortable. Hell they should be, America is an uncomfortable place, and baseball is as American as apple pie.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007


And here I thought the best thing that came out of Switzerland was their cheese. Mr. Federer, you are the truth. And probably the greatest tennis player ever. (Probably) You could make a good argument for about three others. --The man you tied today for five straight Wimbledon titles, Bjorn Borg, comes to mind.

Watching you and Nadal go at it this morning, makes me glad that I had "breakfast at Wimbledon." That was a classic five setter and no one deserved to lose. Let's hope that you both stay healthy for a long time to come.

It was also nice to see Venus take the women's singles title too. I hope everyone noticed that it was the 50th anniversary of Althea Gibson's singles title at the all England Club. Ms. Gibson, like Jackie Robinson, is a true trail blazer who doesn't get enough nearly credit for all she did for the game.

On another note, I see the Phillies are at 9,999 and one loss away from 10,000. Couldn't have happened to a bunch of nicer guys. I kid of course, I have never liked the Phillies. From their cheap ass ownership group, to their history of racism. (Last National league team to integrate) From Bill Giles, to Robert Carpenter, to Billy Baker. The team, like all their owners have always been pathetic. I wasn't around in 1964 when Chico Ruiz stole home which capped that infamous 10 game losing streak which cost them the pennant that year. But if I was, I would have cheered my head off. Just like I did when Joe Carter hit that blast off the "Wild Thing" which ended their shot at the World Series, which would have been only their second in 124 years.

I'm out.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Billy I Sure Hope You know What You Are Doing!

So the Sixers GM, Mr. Dukie himself, Billy King, selects Thaddeus Young from G-Tech with the 12th pick in the NBA draft. All I can say is that he better know what the hell he is doing, because I usually go with my gut with NBA drafts, and my gut is not feeling anything with this one. He might be a nice (and I mean just that, nice) player in the NBA one day, and I might live to regret these words, but somehow I don't think Mr. Young will be in the league in the next four years. I see where some scouting services are saying that if the Sixers are lucky he will turn out to be like Antwan Jamison; well dream on.

So Billy, you had a stud-Al Thornton who could come in and helped the Sixers right away and you select Young? The guy was rated the 26th best player in the draft for crying out loud! You had a pick at 20, and I bet you could have gotten him there. But you are a Dukie, so I know it's your mission in life to make me miserable. My only question would be this; why does Ed Snyder still have you around?

Now I will say this; I like Jason Smith from Colorado State, I think he will be a double double guy one day. But this Thaddeus Young pick really has me shaking my head. And then I see Seattle getting the fifth pick in the draft and some nice young players for Ray Allen, and I see what you got for A.I., who in my humble opinion is a better player, and I really have to say, just WTF are you thinking?

Hey, at least you didn't take Josh McRoberts.

As I type this post, the Phillies are losing to the Metropolitans once again. (Jimmy I thought you guys were going to take the division this year?) That would be three in a row, and now they are six games behind the division leading Mets. I know they have had some injuries, but Pat Gillick should have done a better job getting the Phillies bull pen help this off season.

Poor Phils, I guess they have the most losses of any American sports franchise for a reason. Another summer of discontent for the poor Phillies fans. I have to work among these people, so believe me, this isn't easy for me either.

I'm out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Field Negro's Latest Sports Rant

Boy where do I start, so much sports so little time.

Let me start by congratulating the Spurs for pulling out the broom on King James and his Cavs. (Sorry Cleavland, still no championship for you. What is it now, 40 years?And I thought we had it bad here in Philly)The problem with the Cavs is that King James had no back ups. I am sorry, but you ain't gonna win a championship with Eric Snow, Larry Hughes, and Donyell Marshall. They need to surround King James with some players like the Bulls did for MJ. But this isn't about the Cavs right now, it's about the Spurs. They have quietly built a dynasty. Four rings in nine years will get you that title.

I see Tiger came up a little short in the U.S. Open. I ain't mad at Tiger, he was grinding all day, and he gave it a hell of a run. I don't think we really appreciate how good Woods is. This cat is right there every Sunday, and there is no letting up in sight for him. I don't know, maybe now that homey is a father, he will drop back to the pack a little.

I caught my Tigers take two of three from my hometown Phils last weekend. One observation: The Tigers and the Phillies have the same problem; a week bull pen. They both have good hitting, decent fielding, and in the case of the Tigers, great pitching. But if there bull pens can't hold up, none of them will be playing come October.

And speaking of baseball, will the Yankees ever loser another game? The Red Sox better be glad they are playing lights out baseball themselves or the Yankees would have caught them already.

I am still trying to figure out who the Sixers should take in the draft. Although I think that now that Jeff Green has decided to go into the draft, I think they should seriously consider him. I also hear some people around here giving props to Thadeus Young from Georgia Tech. Apparently my mans workouts went pretty well. And I am glad that Philadelphia's Sean Singletary decided to go back to UVA. My man wasn't quite ready for prime time. He has got to work on that jump shot before he enters the NBA.

Finally, did LaVar Arrington learn anything from happened to Big Ben in Pittsburgh, and Jayson Williams in Chicago? Homeboy almost killed himself after he decided to take his motorcycle into a highway ramp in Maryland. Sadly for him, he was at the end of his career, and I doubt if he will ever suit it up again in the NFL. Let's face it; his career was pretty much over even before the accident.

And Kobe, please just shut up and play. Enough of you already!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I wish I could say congrats to the Anaheim Ducks, but sorry, besides the fact that they knocked off my Red Wings, I refuse to acknowledge a team called the "Ducks". And people wonder why interest in hockey is dying. I think the Devon Horse Show got higher ratings than this years Stanley Cup playoffs.

I see Eric Snow is back in the NBA finals. He couldn't shoot when he was here with the Sixers, and he still can't. But at least this time he has King James as a side kick. I mean A.I. was nice, and I love the guy, but he ain't no LeBron. Still, I have to go with the Spurs. Too much experience and too much team defense. And I have seen Bruce Bowen shut down Kobe. Spurs in six!

So people are pissed at Gary Sheffield because he is speaking his mind. Now I don't agree with him, but the last time I checked this is America, and the man has a right to speak his damn mind. Besides, he plays for my Tigers, and he can straight stroke it. So please leave Gary alone; at least until he leaves Detroit.

Speaking of athletes people don't like; I caught the Barry Bonds show last weekend at Citizens Bank park, and he didn't go yard once. The skitzo Phillies were their usual up and down selves, but at least they kept Bonds in check.

R.I.P Howard Porter! I have never been a big Vanilla-Nova fan, but they are in the Big Five, and Jay Wright has done a lot to make them a part of Philly basketball, so I don't despise the boys from the main line as much as I used to. But back to Porter. He left Nova under a cloud, and he struggled with drug addiction. But when he met his tragic end in a St. Paul Minnesota alley way, he already seemed to have gotten his life in order and had beaten off his addictions. I saw some old film of some of his Big Five games and he [Porter] was a tremendous player. His battles with Lasalle's Kenny Durrett were classics.

Hey, whatever happened to Larry Spriggs?

Monday, May 28, 2007



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Leprechaun Brought No Luck!

Watching Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers as their chins dropped lower than their draft stock was priceless. Fifth? You get to pick fifth after damn near tanking an entire season just to get the number one pick?

But I love it for so many reasons. Number one, the hated Celtics will not get either Greg Oden, or Kevin Durant. And two, we won't have to see Greg Oden drop double doubles at the Wach for the next fifteen years. We will face him only a couple of times a year and that's a good thing.

Memo to Danny and Doc: Next time play every game during your season like it matters:)

So what do we do at number 12? Well readers of this blog know how I feel about that Dukie, Billy King, calling the shots for my Sixers. But since he will not be going anywhere anytime soon, I guess we are stuck with him making the pick.

So Billy,here is my suggestion:If Julian Wright or Alcie Law is sitting there when you pick ,take them. ( Slight edge to Law) I know we have Andre Miller, but trade Lou Williams (who might end up being a nice player in this league) and go with Law as Miller's back up for now. In the later rounds, go with the best scorer available. We still need points in the line up.

The dead wings broke my heart the other night. How can you lose to the Ducks? I thought the series was a wrap when the Wings had that 1-0 lead in "Hockey Town" during game five. And then..... Oh well, maybe next year. And yes this black man loves him some Red Wings.

It's a Michigan childhood thing, what can I tell you.

Please keep former Vanilla-nova star, Howard Porter in your prayers!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I recently read Stephen A. Smith's column about a recent conference at Morehouse College which focused on African American Athletes and the reporters who cover them. Now let me say for the record; that I have never liked sports reporters. I consider most of them hypocrites and most of them are jealous of the people who play the games they cover.

So back to this conference. One of the panel discussions was hosted by Spike Lee, and some of the panel members included people like C. Vivian Stringer, Alonzo Mourning, and Jim Brown. Sadly, another panel member was the very hypocritical self hater, Jason Whitlock who caught an earful from those who were present. But as could have been predicted, most of the discussion centered on the recent behavior of many of our black athletes and the medias focus on them.

So here is where keeping it real comes in: Folks, we (black folks) have got to stop this bull sh**. I am so sick of the Pacman Jones, Michael Vick types with their ignorant ass off field behavior. When are these guys going to grow up and take responsibility for their actions? Listen, I know boys will be boys, and when you are young black and rich, you want to spend a little dough and have a little fun from time to time. I get that! But at some point you have to say to yourself; enough! I just can't be irresponsible anymore. I have a family and a race of people that are depending on me to behave properly and carrying myself in a respectful manner. When 39 of the 41 current athletes on the police blotter are black I have a problem with that sh**. And no, I can't blame whitey, I have to blame your ignorant asses.

Hey, I know racism might play a part in this, and I know we are not always treated fairly by the white (and black...well f**k it, Jason Whitlock might as well be considered white too)press that covers us. (See the recent kid gloves treatment of St. Louis pitcher, Josh Hancock who clearly had an alcohol problem) But I really have to take issue with those that always points the finger at the white press when we are caught doing wrong. And yes, having having uncared for pit bulls in your house trained for fighting is wrong. Driving under the influence of alcohol with a suspended driver's license is wrong. So please spare me the I am a victim of whitey speech.

And I agree with Stephen A. Smith when he says: "Any athlete resembling O.J. Simpson will happen again over white America's collective dead body." So wake up my brothers. As my Mamma used to say: "You better straighten up and fly right" Because we can only cry bad whitey for so long.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ride Boy Ride!

OK I just caught the Kentucky Derby. (All those ugly ass hats!)Every year I say I won't watch this thing, and I end up watching it anyway. But I am really loving the jockey who won it this year. This guy, Calvin Borel, was the genuine article and seemed really happy just to be there. I swear I didn't understand half of what he said which is cool, cause the guy really seemed sincere. We need more of that in sports. The horse that won it,"Street Sense", wasn't too shabby either. He ran from 19th place to run down the leader and run way with that bad boy. All, this from a two year old. Way to go there young buck!

Maybe I will make a point to watch it next year.

Something about this NBA study about racism among the refs bothers me. Now for the record, I don't think any of those refs (black or white) are consciously prejudice. But I do believe that in those quick seconds that it takes to make a call, and in the heat of battle, certain human instincts take over. And those instincts might cause favoring someone that looks like you over the other guy. Now what bothers me, is how all these NBA players are declaring that these refs are not racist. Like how the f**k would they know? Here is the deal, these players ought to just shut their traps and play the game. No need to come out in support of these refs when you don't know a damn thing about what's in their hearts.

I just watch Barry Bonds stoke yet another home run off the Phillies. (744 and counting) At some point everyone in this country will have to recognize that Bonds is the greatest baseball player in our life time. Thirteen all star appearances and seven (yes seven) MVP titles don't lie. Yeah I know he was tainted by the steroid scandal, but so were many other players in baseball -including pitchers- and Bonds could bring it even when he was a skinny spray hitter in Pittsburgh.

Here is one field Negro who hopes that Bonds breaks hammering Hank's record. And Hank, by the way, is being bush league for saying he won't appear for the potential record breaking shot. Come on Hank, don't believe the hype. Barry can straight stoke it, and he deserves to break your record.

Speaking of Phillies, if they didn't try to do things on the cheap, they would probably be in a much better position right about now. They should have paid Billy Wagner the 11 million he wanted, and not cut corners and give Tom Gordon half of that. Now Gordon has already blown three saves this year, and due to injury problems is on the DL. And people why we can't win a championship in this city.

The Penn Relays was off the hook. 46,000 screaming track fans, (half of them Jamaicans) screaming their heads off for the U.S.A. against the world relay races. The scene is always electric over on U Penn's campus, and for those of you sports junkies who want to see a great sporting event; plan to make the trip to Philly next April and catch some of the greatest athletes and fans in the world.

Hey, what ever happened to AC Green?

Saturday, April 28, 2007


OK, readers to this site know that I am a iggles fan. But what the f**k? The iggles spend their first pick in the draft on Kevin freaking Kolb, a QB from that powerhouse program known as the University of Houston. From what I hear, the guy is a system QB who isn't even a very accurate passer. And, the birds already have two back up QB's for McNabb all signed and ready to go. So why waste this pick, especially when there were quality players like my man Sidney Rice from South Carolina on the board. Mark it down, my man Sidney will be a 50 catch a year guy in this league.

Sometimes I really have to wonder about the Eagles. I honestly didn't mind trading down with the Cowboys, but to get this guy? Hell, he would have still been there in the third round if you ask me. So what's the deal?Were his workouts that good? Boy you really have to wonder about Andy Read and the Eagles. Maybe all the sh** with his sons in the off season is clouding his judgement. And people wonder why we haven't had a championship in this town in over 24 years.

Speaking of championships; I hope all the A.I. bashers are enjoying my man do his thing up in the "mile high" city this post season. This is the time of year when A.I. seems to get more energy and steps his game up. They might lose in the first round to the seasoned and well traveled Spurs, but I guarantee you, Denver will not be an easy out. The Frenchman will have his hands full all series long.

Oh well, excuse me folks, I have to watch the rest of the NFL draft now.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pacman's Real Apology

Hi my name is Pacman Jones, and I would like to apologize right now to all my fans for being an ignorant thug with lot's of talent but no head on my shoulders. I realize that my ignorant ass behavior helped to perpetuate the stereo type of the thuggish uneducated black athlete.

I realize that my behavior was abhorrent, what was I thinking trowing around over $8,000 in cash at a strip club, an act that cost a fellow human being the opportunity to ever walk again.

All my run ins with the law, where as a result of my own selfish and boorish behavior, and not the man trying to get me.

I realize that I have tremendous talents on the football field, but those talents should be carried over to the game of life as well. I realize that I need to get my act together, and start acting like a grown up and someone who has been blessed to make millions of dollars by playing the game that I love. I realize that I am a role model for many young people out there who might be growing up poor and disenfranchised just like I was.

I will serve my one year suspension with dignity, and will do community service with various organizations and community groups that cater to children.

Sincerely, Pacman Jones.

Damn, I wish I had written Pac Man's public statement instead of his agent.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Next Time Kick His Ass!!!!

Yes the Phillies still suck, and any day now they could fire their Manager. But home boy isn't going out without a bang; and Charlie Manuel now has a new fan in the field Negro.

Why you ask? well, it seems like my man went after the biggest charlatan this side of Barnum and Bailey, and faux sports reporter, Howard Eskin. Yes the old guy would have kicked his ass too. I know Manuel has about twenty years on Eskin, but he still would have kicked his ass.
I would have paid to see that shit! Eskin getting his arrogant ass kicked by a guy who has been in the AARP fir about thirty years now.

And let me tell you about Eskin for a minute and why that fraud gets on my nerves:
Gee where do I start? Well for starters, this dope said that John Cheney was the worse coach in the Big Five. Then he said that A.I. is an average basketball player and will not make the Hall Of Fame. Oh, and he thinks Randall Cunningham was a below average QB. This, because Cunningham never gave him the time of day, but then, neither did Cheney or AI. (Are you sensing a theme hear?) So yeah they guy is pretty much a fraud.

So good for you Charlie Manuel, the next time could you please actually kick Charles Barkley's butt boy's ass for the whole world to see? And the next time, Milt, please stay out of the way. Charlie could have really made some news today, and probably saved his job to boot.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

No love for the Phillies.

Roy Halliday was dealing against my Tigers last night. Ten strong innings and a nice 2-1 win for his Jays. Ouch! But hey, that's alright, my Tigers will be alright this year, started off kind of week, but thanks to a goof Manager (here that Phillies) they will be in the thick of the AL Central race all season long.

Now speaking of the Phillies, sorry; I have no love for the "fightens", especially during this week, when we are all celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. Sorry, I just can't forget that the Phillies were one of the last teams to integrate, and they gave Jackie Robinson (their Manager included) the most hell when he played here. Yep, I will never be a true Phils fan because of that. And I guarantee you that more than half of the black folks who were actually born and raised in Philly feel the same way that I do.

In fact, I remember when the Phils lost that World Series to the Blue Jays, I was with a large group of African Americans, who cheered like crazy when Joe Carter sent that "Wild Thing" pitch into the bleachers. I had just moved to Philly, and I couldn't understand it. One of the old heads in the group explained the Phils history to me, and why it was important that they lose. Besides, the make up of that particular team said "red necks" all the way, and Philadelphia's black population was not feeling them. Yeah the were beloved by their white fans, but despised by their black ones.

So don't expect any tears from the field now that the Phils are what, 2-9 now.

The Charley Manuel watch is on. This could get ugly!