Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday roundup!

I swear sometimes I am ashamed to be a part of Eagle Nation. These moronic fans screamed all week for A.J. Feeley to start and today he did. Well I hope you are happy with his four picks today. Two of them ending in touchdowns for the Hawks and one of them ending the game and probably the season for the birds.

The next time you morons go screaming for Donovan's head on a platter, just remember A.J.'s performance today.

And do the Cowpokes and T.O. look good or what? I swear the Eagles f****d up when they let him go.

$500,000! No wonder the folks in white had nation wanted to keep Jo Pa's salary a secret. I mean how cheap can you get? This is big time college football (Saben is getting 5 million at Bama) and you stiff the old man for half a million stinking dollars? No wonder he has been so cranky lately.

And speaking of college football, it looks like it might be LSU and Ohio State in the National Championship game, not sure what to think of that except if there was a season that we needed a playoff system this is it.

Finally, congrats to the Celtics. I didn't know this little three headed experiment could work, but it looks like it's working just fine. Let's just see if those old legs can keep this up throughout the season.