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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ugly uni alert!

I caught the Nevada New Mexico bowl game yesterday, and WTF is up with those ugly unis the wolf pack wear?

Come on guys, you are trying to build your program, not tear it down. You can't attract recruits with those ugly duds. Players like to look good on Saturdays too.

Of course I am not one to talk; as an Eagles fan, I am still trying to get over those ugly ass throw backs my team sported against the Lions earlier this year.

And for you soccer fans out there/ New Castle United still gets the nod for the ugliest unis with their ugly ass prison striped black and whites. The look like eleven referees running around out there. Putrid!
Finally, can somebody beat the Patriots please?
This shit is getting old.


Timi said...

I actually liked the Eagles throwback uni's. I thought they were very cute. Then again...I'm a woman and those colors were kinda girly. lol

Brandon Hansen said...

Oregon has some pretty bad duds as well. They have a white AND yellow helmet to go along with their green helmet. Not to mention the diamond studding on the shoulder pads. Somebody needs to stop Nike before the ruin the Ducks program altogether.

Brandon from brandonwhansen.com

field negro said...

brandon you are right, I forgot about those Ducks :)

timi, you liked those? Wow! you must be the only person in America that did.

Anonymous said...