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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Good bye Kyle!

We will miss your three point shooting, but nothing else.

I know you are from Nebraska, but moving to Utah has got to be hard on you.

I must say that I love all the points in these bowl games. I guess West Virginia were for real. You just can't coach speed folks. If it were not for that stumble against Pitt, we might be crowning them National Champs and not LSU or Ohio State. Pat White will play on Sundays. Maybe not as a quarterback, but he will play.

I think Roger Clemens is lying. First he didn't shoot up, then he did. Why would you have to shoot up painkillers and B-12 vitamins? Come on "Rocket" you are better than that. And my advise to you would be to plead the fifth when you go before congress. Marion Jones and Barry Bonds could be heading to jail because they did not listen to that advise.

What ever happened to Mookie Wilson?

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Timi said...

Of course Roger juiced, but will there be an asterisk next to his name? Yea right.

A very little (and I emphasize) little part of me feels bad for Marion Jones. The ish fell apart very quickly for her. And to think that she could've kept silent and endured no punishment at all? Oh...I guess what my grandmother says is right. Conviction is much greater than temptation.

As far as Barry. They would've found some way to tarnish his record, but if hadn't been such an asshole to his fans they he could've avoided alot of drama.