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Sunday, January 13, 2008

FNsports Round Up!

Can someone put a fork in the Sixers please? What is it now six in a row we have lost? But what the hell, let's just shoot for a number one pick at this point.

So the Spytriots are 17-0, that's impressive. Even though I know they caught some breaks along the way (think poor referees) but you have to be good to be in a position to win in the first place. I really thought Jacksonville had a shot at beating them last night, but they hung tough and won. I am starting to believe more and more than Green Bay might be legit. That rookie running back of theirs is the real deal. And Favre looks like he is enjoying throwing to his own players again.

I wonder how those fans down in "blue grass" country feel now that their Wildcats are 7-7? Be careful what you wish for is all I have to say about that. You ran Tubby out of town for this?

I still think Memphis and not North Carolina is the best college basketball team in the country. Derrick Rose is the real deal and is the best point guard in the country. (Sorry Me. Gordon) Don't sleep in UCLA or (god I hate to say this) Duke either.

Congrats on winning the National Championship LSU! My wife is an alum, so I will give you your props. I suspect that there will more where those came from in the coming years. Go on ahead and put yourself up there with Oklahoma, Michigan, and Ohio State as college power houses in this country. (Notice Penn State is not on that list) Your incoming freshmen class looks good!

Speaking of good looking freshmen classes; Notre Dame probably the best incoming class in the country. Now if Charlie Wies can't win this crop we will know that he is a fraud for sure.

Hey, what ever happened to Norm Nixon?

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LotF said...

Norm Nixon does basketball analysis (specifically, regarding the Los Angeles Lakers) on ABC-7's Sports Zone program. Anyway, cheers on the (main) blog.