Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Rant.

So Greg the "old man" Oden and his Buckeyes actually hung on and beat the Badgers today. I still think the Badgers are better, the Buckeyes were at home, and the Badgers were off their game, and they still only lost by one.

So the Phillies and their shortstop, Jimmy Rollins, are chirping that they are the team to beat. Well, I will believe it when I see it. I have been hearing that this is the year in this town for the past thirteen years, and still, zilch. So we will see Mr. Rollins if this is really the year.

Let's see if their pitching holds up this year, if Tom Gordon can make it past August, and if their Manager can actually learn to think on his feet, they might have a shot.

Now that D Wade is probably out for the season, I think the east is really wide open. We all know that Shaq Diesel loves to turn it on down the stretch, but he will need a side kick to make it happen, and Zoe and Gary Payton ain't gonna cut it.

Speaking of the NBA. It seems a bunch of my cousins made a fool of themselves at the All Star game in Vegas. And guess what folks, what happens in Vegas did not stay in Vegas, so now we are hearing about all sorts of unseemly things that took place. Although, to be honest, I think the pigmentation of the folks involved caused things to be blown out of proportion a bit. But still, you have to wonder what the f**k is wrong with Pac Man Jones and his ignorant ass, for dropping $84,00 grand in a strip club, and throwing around the money like rain.

Memo to ignorant ass Pac Man, that shit works in rap videos, not in real life. Your stupid behind caused three people to get shot, and one of them will be paralyzed for life. So here is hoping that the Titans cut your ignorant ass.

The field is out I have to go check out the Oscars.

Whoops; before I go I would like to tell everyone to check out "Black Ice" . A book which tells the history of an African American Hockey League way before the NHL. And, they had skills. Apparently, they even invented the slap shot. Can you believe it? I bet there will be no mention of that league in the NHL hall of fame.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bye DJ!

RIP DJ. You were a Celtic but you could ball, and although I hated watching you hit clutch shot after clutch shot against the Lakers, I always appreciated your game.

Fourteen seasons and three rings ain't bad. You will be missed.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Just Another Sunday.

I'll be damned if I didn't watch NASCAR (The Daytona 500) last night. Well, just the last five laps. I must confess, it was pretty exciting stuff. I mean, one car crossed the finish line upside down for crying out loud. Now that's exciting for your ass. Now I must confess as a field negro, there won't be much more NASCAR events in my future, but it was at least fun to see what our red state brothers and sisters get so excited about.

Caught the no defense game last night too. What did they score, like 400 points between them? I watched the two Phoenix Suns players, and I swear between them and Steve Nash, Phoenix should not lose another game. And Kobe is the truth. I swear he can score anytime he wants to.

Oh, and speaking of the All Star game: What the f**k happened to Wayne Newton? He looked like he has been dead and embalmed for at least two weeks. If that man smiles too hard his face will crack. And Toni Braxton....mmmm, all I can say is; girlfriend looked so good, I didn't hear a word of her song.

Nice win for Vandy over Florida, they might actually make the tournament as an at large team after all. And Vanillanova went down to Georgetown and the "nice" John Thompson. Still, they might already be a lock for the tournament.

Friday, February 16, 2007


My man, Deron Williams, is playing some serious ball in the land of the Mormons. He has led the Jazz to six straight wins going into the All Star break-including a sick 30 plus on King James and the Cavs- and his Jazz sit on top of the Northwest Division with a 35-17 record.
Yes folks, this second year pro out of Illinois is looking more and more like a perennial All Star. If he played in New York, or L.A. he would have been on the All Star team this year.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ha ha ha very funny! Marvin, please control your damn players, or I am afraid your Bengals will be the butt of many more jokes to come.

So Marty Schotteneimer is history. I must confess, I never really liked the guy. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's that old school persona that he seems to have. I just don't like those old school coaches.

I know the guy was winning with the bolts. But with that team, he should have been playing Da Bears in the "Soul Bowl" and not Ms.Manning and the Colts.

So happy trails Marty, here is one field negro who doesn't really hope you land in your feet. You have made enough money. Pack up the old lady and the grand kids in an RV, and tour the damn country. Go fishing in the great Northwest, scuba diving off the barrier reefs, just stay away from the NFL. I think we have seen enough Marty ball for a life time.

Let me talk college hoops with you real quick: Folks, it's Christmas time on North Broad street. The best basketball player that you have never heard of, Dionte Christmas, from Temple University, dropped a sick 30 on Umass over the weekend to extend the Owls win streak to four. I think my man is pushing Scotty Reynolds over at VanillaNova for the best player in the city honors right about now. His game is all Philly (See Rip Hamilton and Kobe) and when the mid range jumper is working, he is unstoppable.

Please if there is a God, let BC beat Duke when they hook up in Beantown. If Duke looses to Al Skinner's club, there is a possibility that they might not make the tournament. I couldn't be that lucky could I? Hey, a man can dream can't he.

Nice win for Rick Pitino and the Cards last night. If they win a game or two in their tournament, they are a lock to make the dance. Speaking of the dance, I am stoked for March Madness!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

BALLING!! The Other A.I.

Yeah I know they lost last night to the Clips, but the Sixers have put together a nice little run lately. (Three out of five wins) and trust me, for them, that's huge. The other A.I. (Andre Iguodala) has been playing some serious ball, scoring 20 or more in 10 of his last 11 games and dropping a couple of triple doubles on the way. If they keep this up, they might actually f**k up a chance of a nice lottery pick.

Mmmmm, I am not sure what to think about that. Winning is nice, but I am torn. I really need them to get a nice sure fire pick in this draft. Sorry, I can't trust the "Dukie", Bill King to make a good pick. So wi..I mean lo....of fu** it, I will just watch and enjoy the basketball. I am starting to think if they had gotten Andre Miller a little earlier they would have been making a run at the Atlantic Division. I still can't believe Toronto is leading the division. Although I must say that Chris Bosh is the truth.

I see where two Gonzaga players were arrested and suspended off the team for having the good collie weed, and some psychedelic mushrooms in their car. Like what the f**k did you expect? They do play in the Pacific Northwest right? Seattle, land of Hendrix, grunge, Kurt Cobain, and some serious smokes.
Oh well, here is hoping those boys saved some of their sh** for those long rainy Seattle days when they will be slumming it from their dorm rooms, instead of hooping it up for the Bulldogs.
Hey, whatever happened to Harold Reynolds?

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Wade stinking Phillips? Can you say retread boys and girls? Like what were the Cowboys thinking? Hey, don't get me wrong, I am glad they hired someone from the NFL coaching carousel. It just means my iggles will be guaranteed a few more NFC east crowns for the next few years. But Wade Phillips?
Speaking of Cowboys, I heard my man T.O. on a local radio show yesterday. Nice to see he has love for "Five" and they were bonding at a party during Super Bowl week. Now we can just get him to come back to Philly. Seems like only yesterday you were ripping off those monster catch and runs at the "Linc".

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Manning Conspiracy

I hope everyone caught what I call the Manning conspiracy during the Super Bowl. Is it me, or did the Colts keep the former bayou Bengal, Joseph Addai, off the field so he couldn't rack up the numbers to get the Cadillac? I mean Rhodes did a nice job,and Manning did what he had to do by managing the game properly. But Addai was the one that carried that team when they most needed it. The man was a workhorse receiving and running the ball. And let's not forget the blocking he did when he had to pick up the blitzes. Still, at the end, when Indy was running out the clock, there my man stood on the sidelines; just watching and waiting for Ms. Manning to get the keys to the Caddy.

I know I know, what else were they going to do? It was, after all, Peyton's Super Bowl; and if it was even a little close, you know the MVP was going to him. But still, it doesn't seem fair. There is no way Manning was the MVP of that game, and I think 91 million people know it.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, thank you Rex Grossman for stinking up the joint, and now causing the iggles to probably lose Jeff Garcia as a back up to five next season. I am sure he can get that four million he is asking for on the open market from da Bears . Trust me, Jeff's wife would look better than Grossman right about now. I know this was his first full year, but he is clueless out there, and throws a terrible deep ball. "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a Rex Grossman deep ball". Yuck!

Before I go I would like to offer my best wishes to the Andy Reid family for what they are going through with their main line gangster sons. Are you kidding me? Drugs, guns, a scale, and drug paraphernalia? And I am not talking just any drugs, I am talking the big "H" here. And to think the guy kicked Jabar Gafney off the team because he was stopped with an unregistered gun in his car. Andy, I am going to leave you with the words of that old Southern Gospel group, The Williams Brothers: "Sweep around your own front door, before you sweep around mine"

I'm out.