Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Rant.

So Greg the "old man" Oden and his Buckeyes actually hung on and beat the Badgers today. I still think the Badgers are better, the Buckeyes were at home, and the Badgers were off their game, and they still only lost by one.

So the Phillies and their shortstop, Jimmy Rollins, are chirping that they are the team to beat. Well, I will believe it when I see it. I have been hearing that this is the year in this town for the past thirteen years, and still, zilch. So we will see Mr. Rollins if this is really the year.

Let's see if their pitching holds up this year, if Tom Gordon can make it past August, and if their Manager can actually learn to think on his feet, they might have a shot.

Now that D Wade is probably out for the season, I think the east is really wide open. We all know that Shaq Diesel loves to turn it on down the stretch, but he will need a side kick to make it happen, and Zoe and Gary Payton ain't gonna cut it.

Speaking of the NBA. It seems a bunch of my cousins made a fool of themselves at the All Star game in Vegas. And guess what folks, what happens in Vegas did not stay in Vegas, so now we are hearing about all sorts of unseemly things that took place. Although, to be honest, I think the pigmentation of the folks involved caused things to be blown out of proportion a bit. But still, you have to wonder what the f**k is wrong with Pac Man Jones and his ignorant ass, for dropping $84,00 grand in a strip club, and throwing around the money like rain.

Memo to ignorant ass Pac Man, that shit works in rap videos, not in real life. Your stupid behind caused three people to get shot, and one of them will be paralyzed for life. So here is hoping that the Titans cut your ignorant ass.

The field is out I have to go check out the Oscars.

Whoops; before I go I would like to tell everyone to check out "Black Ice" . A book which tells the history of an African American Hockey League way before the NHL. And, they had skills. Apparently, they even invented the slap shot. Can you believe it? I bet there will be no mention of that league in the NHL hall of fame.