Even field Negroes like to play.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Philly Hoops

Penn Quakers are in the dance! It seems that every year the boys from West Philly are the first to punch their ticket. And if you think they are just a bunch of white boys who play in the Ivy and can't ball. You better think again. They routinely beat teams in the Big Five here in Philly, and they always have some serious ballers (black and white) on their squad. I bet Fran Dunphy is kicking himself for leaving to go to Broad Street.

I'll be dammed of the Sixers didn't fool around and win again last night. (three in a row) Folks, we might as well forget about that Greg Oden sweep stakes. These boys are acting like they even want to make the playoffs. Andre Miller is the truth. Yeah I still miss A.I., but I'll be damned if Miller ain't making life a little easier without the "Answer".

And is that Larry Brown looking over Mo's shoulder? Rumor has it that he wants the Vanilla -nova coach, Jay Wright, to take over the Sixers. He sure has been to allot of Vanilla-nova games lately, and trust me, it ain't to scout the players, it's the coach he wants. Of course if Jay won't bight I am sure Larry will be more than happy to take over the Sixers again. Andre Miller is his types of point guard, and now that the other A.I. is on his way to becoming a super star, Larry would love nothing better to be a part of a Sixer rebirth. I say it still can't really happen until we get rid of our GM, that f*****g Dukie, Billy King.

Happy anniversary Wilt. It was 45 years ago yesterday that you dropped your sick 100 points up in Hershey, Pennsylvania against the Knicks. Since we are talking Philly hoops, what better way than to end it with you, the greatest baller ever, (yes MJ even better than you) and the pride of Overbrook High.

I'm out.