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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hoops hoops and more hoops!

Break up the Sixers! Six in a row, are you kidding me? Who would have thunk it. Caught them at the "Wach" last night against Mr. Elbows AKA Kobe and the Lakers, and I swear I think they can make the playoffs now. That behind the back slam dunk that the other A.I. threw down was worth the price of admission. I can't believe I am saying this; but they are actually playing much better without the real A.I.

Speaking of the real A.I.. Yeah I saw the sick cross over and bucket last night against the Pistons, but they still lost. They are five and ten when Melo and A.I. are on the floor together. I am starting to think that they can't co-exist. And I am hearing that Melo is starting to grumble about more shots. Why didn't I see this coming? I was one of the few people saying that A.I. will adjust his game, and will start dishing dimes in the Mile High city, but it seems I was wrong. Looks like my man is back to being the same old ball hawk that has to get his thirty shots a game. Still, I hope the Nuggets make the playoffs, because at the end of the day, A.I. is still the most fun player to watch in the league.

Yes I am caught up in March Madness. I told you everybody that will listen to watch out for Memphis, but no one is listening to the field. I am telling you right now they will be a final eight team, I don't care where they are seeded or what region they are in. With all due respect to "Joey Brackets" from ESPN, they should be the number one seed in the West and not UCLA.

And can someone tell me just what the f**k Tubby was doing calling his player from the free throw line. (Tubby it's called over coaching) They lost the possession and the game to a Mississippi State team they should have beaten. I am telling you Tubby, you had better put your crib up for sale in Lexington, cause your days are numbered in blue grass country.

So the beast of the east is baaaack. The "nice" John Thompson is doing a heck of a job, and G-Town might actually make some noise in the tournament this year. I am not crazy about their guard play, but their big men play well on both ends of the floor. And speaking of big men, I see Greg Oden is stepping up his game for the Big Ten tournament. I think Oden will be an even better pro, because the college game is guard oriented and in the modern college game big men just don't dominate like they used to. Heck Shaq never made it pass the second round when he was at LSU. I am saying all that to say this; if they draft were held today and I had the first pick, I would have to go with the big fella, Mr. Oden.

Before I go I have a couple of more things on my mind: I think the AD at LSU is being a real weasel by not either coming out and supporting Pokey Chatman, or telling us just what the f**k is going on. Yeah I know there has been whispers of a sexual relationship between her and one of her past players, so step up and tell us what the University really thinks instead of playing bull sh** games with a great coaches career. And Bobby Knight, please shut the f**k up! Is it any ones fault that you are stuck out in nowhere Texas with no shot at getting quality recruits instead of doing your screaming on a great Big Ten stage in Bloomington? Your little outburst against that reporter was uncalled for: "You need to get some exercise boy" Ahhh look who is talking? Have you seen your fat gut lately General ?

I'm out.


Chris said...

Actually AI's down to shooting below 20 shots a game for the Nuggets, lowest since his 2nd year in the league. He's also still dishing out 7 assists a game playing off-guard to Steve Blake(also giving about 7 a night).

Melo is being the selfish one, and George Karl has threatened to bench him if he doesn't think a team game.

Chris said...

BTW, I just looked it up and since the break Melo has 2.9 assists and 5.1 turnovers a game.


field said...

Chris, I stand corrected, stats don't lie. Still, it just seems like a heck of a coincidence. I mean wasn't Melo fine before A.I. got there?

Chris said...

When AI got there Melo wasn't playing because of the suspension. Melo's an idiot in my book.

Mini Me said...

Agree the situation in LSU is a little sketchy.

Sami Ghazi said...

Yeah, Georgetown's guard play is key. As important as Green and Hibbert are, if Jonathan Wallace doesn't step up, they Hoyas usually lose. Wallace in particular has to come up big and make his open 3s.

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...