Even field Negroes like to play.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


OK, readers to this site know that I am a iggles fan. But what the f**k? The iggles spend their first pick in the draft on Kevin freaking Kolb, a QB from that powerhouse program known as the University of Houston. From what I hear, the guy is a system QB who isn't even a very accurate passer. And, the birds already have two back up QB's for McNabb all signed and ready to go. So why waste this pick, especially when there were quality players like my man Sidney Rice from South Carolina on the board. Mark it down, my man Sidney will be a 50 catch a year guy in this league.

Sometimes I really have to wonder about the Eagles. I honestly didn't mind trading down with the Cowboys, but to get this guy? Hell, he would have still been there in the third round if you ask me. So what's the deal?Were his workouts that good? Boy you really have to wonder about Andy Read and the Eagles. Maybe all the sh** with his sons in the off season is clouding his judgement. And people wonder why we haven't had a championship in this town in over 24 years.

Speaking of championships; I hope all the A.I. bashers are enjoying my man do his thing up in the "mile high" city this post season. This is the time of year when A.I. seems to get more energy and steps his game up. They might lose in the first round to the seasoned and well traveled Spurs, but I guarantee you, Denver will not be an easy out. The Frenchman will have his hands full all series long.

Oh well, excuse me folks, I have to watch the rest of the NFL draft now.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pacman's Real Apology

Hi my name is Pacman Jones, and I would like to apologize right now to all my fans for being an ignorant thug with lot's of talent but no head on my shoulders. I realize that my ignorant ass behavior helped to perpetuate the stereo type of the thuggish uneducated black athlete.

I realize that my behavior was abhorrent, what was I thinking trowing around over $8,000 in cash at a strip club, an act that cost a fellow human being the opportunity to ever walk again.

All my run ins with the law, where as a result of my own selfish and boorish behavior, and not the man trying to get me.

I realize that I have tremendous talents on the football field, but those talents should be carried over to the game of life as well. I realize that I need to get my act together, and start acting like a grown up and someone who has been blessed to make millions of dollars by playing the game that I love. I realize that I am a role model for many young people out there who might be growing up poor and disenfranchised just like I was.

I will serve my one year suspension with dignity, and will do community service with various organizations and community groups that cater to children.

Sincerely, Pacman Jones.

Damn, I wish I had written Pac Man's public statement instead of his agent.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Next Time Kick His Ass!!!!

Yes the Phillies still suck, and any day now they could fire their Manager. But home boy isn't going out without a bang; and Charlie Manuel now has a new fan in the field Negro.

Why you ask? well, it seems like my man went after the biggest charlatan this side of Barnum and Bailey, and faux sports reporter, Howard Eskin. Yes the old guy would have kicked his ass too. I know Manuel has about twenty years on Eskin, but he still would have kicked his ass.
I would have paid to see that shit! Eskin getting his arrogant ass kicked by a guy who has been in the AARP fir about thirty years now.

And let me tell you about Eskin for a minute and why that fraud gets on my nerves:
Gee where do I start? Well for starters, this dope said that John Cheney was the worse coach in the Big Five. Then he said that A.I. is an average basketball player and will not make the Hall Of Fame. Oh, and he thinks Randall Cunningham was a below average QB. This, because Cunningham never gave him the time of day, but then, neither did Cheney or AI. (Are you sensing a theme hear?) So yeah they guy is pretty much a fraud.

So good for you Charlie Manuel, the next time could you please actually kick Charles Barkley's butt boy's ass for the whole world to see? And the next time, Milt, please stay out of the way. Charlie could have really made some news today, and probably saved his job to boot.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Saturday, April 14, 2007

No love for the Phillies.

Roy Halliday was dealing against my Tigers last night. Ten strong innings and a nice 2-1 win for his Jays. Ouch! But hey, that's alright, my Tigers will be alright this year, started off kind of week, but thanks to a goof Manager (here that Phillies) they will be in the thick of the AL Central race all season long.

Now speaking of the Phillies, sorry; I have no love for the "fightens", especially during this week, when we are all celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. Sorry, I just can't forget that the Phillies were one of the last teams to integrate, and they gave Jackie Robinson (their Manager included) the most hell when he played here. Yep, I will never be a true Phils fan because of that. And I guarantee you that more than half of the black folks who were actually born and raised in Philly feel the same way that I do.

In fact, I remember when the Phils lost that World Series to the Blue Jays, I was with a large group of African Americans, who cheered like crazy when Joe Carter sent that "Wild Thing" pitch into the bleachers. I had just moved to Philly, and I couldn't understand it. One of the old heads in the group explained the Phils history to me, and why it was important that they lose. Besides, the make up of that particular team said "red necks" all the way, and Philadelphia's black population was not feeling them. Yeah the were beloved by their white fans, but despised by their black ones.

So don't expect any tears from the field now that the Phils are what, 2-9 now.

The Charley Manuel watch is on. This could get ugly!

Monday, April 09, 2007

He caught and passed the Tiger.

Oh well I guess Tiger is human after all. Homey was grinding all day yesterday at the Master's, and honestly, I thought he was finished before he even started for the back nine. But then there was that eagle, and I, like everyone else in America was thinking; OK here it comes.

But that Zach Johnson had some serious ice in his veins. That chip he made from the fringe of the sand on 18 was clutch. Home boy put the little white ball within a strong wind of the hole.

Game match set! And you have a first time winner of the Masters being a kid who had only won one previous PGA tournament. And what was the guy ranked, like 56th in the world? Hey, it just goes to show you, on any given Sunday. And it really makes you appreciate just how good Tiger is.

And let me say this for the record. All the people who keep trying to compare "lefty" to Tiger, need to quit right now. The man has some skills, but he needs to see the Wizard for a heart. His defense of his green jacket was a disgrace yesterday, and he ought to be ashamed of himself.

Before I go, the Phils lost today again to the Mets. I know it's early, but would it be too much to ask them to stay in the race until at least May. What are they 1-6 now? Ryan, again, I know it's early, but if you don't start producing soon, these Philly fans will turn on you faster than some of the corners on the Schukyll Expressway. Hey, over twenty four years without a major championship will do that to a city.