Even field Negroes like to play.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

No love for the Phillies.

Roy Halliday was dealing against my Tigers last night. Ten strong innings and a nice 2-1 win for his Jays. Ouch! But hey, that's alright, my Tigers will be alright this year, started off kind of week, but thanks to a goof Manager (here that Phillies) they will be in the thick of the AL Central race all season long.

Now speaking of the Phillies, sorry; I have no love for the "fightens", especially during this week, when we are all celebrating the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. Sorry, I just can't forget that the Phillies were one of the last teams to integrate, and they gave Jackie Robinson (their Manager included) the most hell when he played here. Yep, I will never be a true Phils fan because of that. And I guarantee you that more than half of the black folks who were actually born and raised in Philly feel the same way that I do.

In fact, I remember when the Phils lost that World Series to the Blue Jays, I was with a large group of African Americans, who cheered like crazy when Joe Carter sent that "Wild Thing" pitch into the bleachers. I had just moved to Philly, and I couldn't understand it. One of the old heads in the group explained the Phils history to me, and why it was important that they lose. Besides, the make up of that particular team said "red necks" all the way, and Philadelphia's black population was not feeling them. Yeah the were beloved by their white fans, but despised by their black ones.

So don't expect any tears from the field now that the Phils are what, 2-9 now.

The Charley Manuel watch is on. This could get ugly!