Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pacman's Real Apology

Hi my name is Pacman Jones, and I would like to apologize right now to all my fans for being an ignorant thug with lot's of talent but no head on my shoulders. I realize that my ignorant ass behavior helped to perpetuate the stereo type of the thuggish uneducated black athlete.

I realize that my behavior was abhorrent, what was I thinking trowing around over $8,000 in cash at a strip club, an act that cost a fellow human being the opportunity to ever walk again.

All my run ins with the law, where as a result of my own selfish and boorish behavior, and not the man trying to get me.

I realize that I have tremendous talents on the football field, but those talents should be carried over to the game of life as well. I realize that I need to get my act together, and start acting like a grown up and someone who has been blessed to make millions of dollars by playing the game that I love. I realize that I am a role model for many young people out there who might be growing up poor and disenfranchised just like I was.

I will serve my one year suspension with dignity, and will do community service with various organizations and community groups that cater to children.

Sincerely, Pacman Jones.

Damn, I wish I had written Pac Man's public statement instead of his agent.