Even field Negroes like to play.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


OK, readers to this site know that I am a iggles fan. But what the f**k? The iggles spend their first pick in the draft on Kevin freaking Kolb, a QB from that powerhouse program known as the University of Houston. From what I hear, the guy is a system QB who isn't even a very accurate passer. And, the birds already have two back up QB's for McNabb all signed and ready to go. So why waste this pick, especially when there were quality players like my man Sidney Rice from South Carolina on the board. Mark it down, my man Sidney will be a 50 catch a year guy in this league.

Sometimes I really have to wonder about the Eagles. I honestly didn't mind trading down with the Cowboys, but to get this guy? Hell, he would have still been there in the third round if you ask me. So what's the deal?Were his workouts that good? Boy you really have to wonder about Andy Read and the Eagles. Maybe all the sh** with his sons in the off season is clouding his judgement. And people wonder why we haven't had a championship in this town in over 24 years.

Speaking of championships; I hope all the A.I. bashers are enjoying my man do his thing up in the "mile high" city this post season. This is the time of year when A.I. seems to get more energy and steps his game up. They might lose in the first round to the seasoned and well traveled Spurs, but I guarantee you, Denver will not be an easy out. The Frenchman will have his hands full all series long.

Oh well, excuse me folks, I have to watch the rest of the NFL draft now.