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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bye Tubby

Bye bye Tubby, you did a great job at Kentucky, but in the field's opinion, it was time for you to go. I think you would even acknowledge that. Yes I know the Kentucky fans can by tough, and yes, at times, unrealistic. But you have to understand, there is no pro team in that state, and basketball is bigger than football. (Think college football in Nebraska)So I am not sure I can blame those die hards for being frustrated that one of the elite college basketball programs in the country, can't be in the final four hunt more often.

Now I have heard some black folks try to play the race card with Tubby's leaving. Trust me on this one folks, race had nothing to do with it. Tubby was there ten years, and although he did win one National Championship, he did it with Pitino's recruits. And at Kentucky, one serious run in ten years is not enough. Now please believe me when I tell you that I love Tubby, he can flat out coach. But, he can't recruit worth a lick, and he has always been lazy to go out on the road and close the deal with his recruits. As a result, he has been getting mid major recruits at a major program. That ain't gonna cut it in the SEC, and at Kentucky. I don't care how good of a coach you are, you are going to lose ten games a year with those types of players on that level.

So Tubby will be fine at Minnesota, they wanted him, and he wanted out of Lexington. But unless he starts recruiting, he will be winning 18-20 games a year with the Gophers ,competing in the big ten year in and year out, and that's about it. That might cut it in the land of a thousand lakes, but it ain't gonna cut it in blue grass country.

I see Kobe dropped 50 again. What is that, like ten in a row now? I know it's only been four, but it sure as hell seems like ten. Kobe can score whenever he wants and that's scary. Now my man joins another Philly guy as the only two players in history to score 50 in four straight games. And the Lakers have been winning during his streak. So you can't hate on Kobe for jacking 35-40 shots a game, and I damn sure know his teammates better not been complaining, cause him being aggresive on the offensive side of the ball is the only chance the Lakers have of making the playoffs.

Looks like there might be a black eye on my home country. (Jamaica) Seems the cricket coach for the Pakistani team was found murdered in his hotel room in Kingston. I sure hope some crazed Pakistani fan,and not a native Jamaican did it. By the way, Pakistan lost to Ireland, which would be like the Raiders losing to Indianapolis in football. The upset was huge. I just hope the Wset Indies decide to show up and represent. They have more talent than any team in the world, but unfortunately, just show up to play when they feel like it. Still, my money is on Australia, or the South Africans to win the cricket world cup.

Hey, what ever happened to Matteen Cleves?

Oh, one more thing: Damn the new Ms. U.S.A. is fine!!!