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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Manning Conspiracy

I hope everyone caught what I call the Manning conspiracy during the Super Bowl. Is it me, or did the Colts keep the former bayou Bengal, Joseph Addai, off the field so he couldn't rack up the numbers to get the Cadillac? I mean Rhodes did a nice job,and Manning did what he had to do by managing the game properly. But Addai was the one that carried that team when they most needed it. The man was a workhorse receiving and running the ball. And let's not forget the blocking he did when he had to pick up the blitzes. Still, at the end, when Indy was running out the clock, there my man stood on the sidelines; just watching and waiting for Ms. Manning to get the keys to the Caddy.

I know I know, what else were they going to do? It was, after all, Peyton's Super Bowl; and if it was even a little close, you know the MVP was going to him. But still, it doesn't seem fair. There is no way Manning was the MVP of that game, and I think 91 million people know it.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, thank you Rex Grossman for stinking up the joint, and now causing the iggles to probably lose Jeff Garcia as a back up to five next season. I am sure he can get that four million he is asking for on the open market from da Bears . Trust me, Jeff's wife would look better than Grossman right about now. I know this was his first full year, but he is clueless out there, and throws a terrible deep ball. "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a Rex Grossman deep ball". Yuck!

Before I go I would like to offer my best wishes to the Andy Reid family for what they are going through with their main line gangster sons. Are you kidding me? Drugs, guns, a scale, and drug paraphernalia? And I am not talking just any drugs, I am talking the big "H" here. And to think the guy kicked Jabar Gafney off the team because he was stopped with an unregistered gun in his car. Andy, I am going to leave you with the words of that old Southern Gospel group, The Williams Brothers: "Sweep around your own front door, before you sweep around mine"

I'm out.


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twins15 said...

I still would have given Addai the MVP... Manning was good, but Addai was just excellent throughout the game.

Mini Me said...

I would have given the MVP to both Indy RBs. Manning shouldn't have won it, what a joke that award is now. As for Sexy Rexy, I wouldn't want him as my quarterback next year if I were a Bears fan.

㊣美樂蒂melody咩咩㊣ said...