Even field Negroes like to play.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Ha ha ha very funny! Marvin, please control your damn players, or I am afraid your Bengals will be the butt of many more jokes to come.

So Marty Schotteneimer is history. I must confess, I never really liked the guy. Something about him rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's that old school persona that he seems to have. I just don't like those old school coaches.

I know the guy was winning with the bolts. But with that team, he should have been playing Da Bears in the "Soul Bowl" and not Ms.Manning and the Colts.

So happy trails Marty, here is one field negro who doesn't really hope you land in your feet. You have made enough money. Pack up the old lady and the grand kids in an RV, and tour the damn country. Go fishing in the great Northwest, scuba diving off the barrier reefs, just stay away from the NFL. I think we have seen enough Marty ball for a life time.

Let me talk college hoops with you real quick: Folks, it's Christmas time on North Broad street. The best basketball player that you have never heard of, Dionte Christmas, from Temple University, dropped a sick 30 on Umass over the weekend to extend the Owls win streak to four. I think my man is pushing Scotty Reynolds over at VanillaNova for the best player in the city honors right about now. His game is all Philly (See Rip Hamilton and Kobe) and when the mid range jumper is working, he is unstoppable.

Please if there is a God, let BC beat Duke when they hook up in Beantown. If Duke looses to Al Skinner's club, there is a possibility that they might not make the tournament. I couldn't be that lucky could I? Hey, a man can dream can't he.

Nice win for Rick Pitino and the Cards last night. If they win a game or two in their tournament, they are a lock to make the dance. Speaking of the dance, I am stoked for March Madness!