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Saturday, January 26, 2008

A couple of things

since last night, and I feel a need to get the shit off my chest before I head out to my nine to five plantation.

First, I heard former NFL great Jim Brown on a local sports talk radio program last night, and I am going to have to revoke Jim's field Negro card for now. The shit he said about the Rutgers basketball dust up with Don Imus wasn't cool, and although I have some respect left for Mr. Brown, I have to call him on it. Mr. Brown basically said that the Rutgers controversy was no big deal, and he thought Don Imus was basically right. He thought the women from Tennessee were pretty and the ones from Rutgers were not. Brown went on to take issue with the modern African American athlete and their apathy towards political ans social issues (we agree on that one) and was all over Tiger Woods (more on him in a minute) for the way he handled this latest...ahem ahem, little racial problem in A-merry-ca. To Brown, the Golf Chanel's host an dher lynching comment is far more serious than the Rutgers incident and should have be treated as such.

Again, I think Brown was a great player, and I love the work he did with inner city gangs in L.A. But Jim never had the greatest reputation when it comes to the treatment of women, and I think some of his previous issues might have tainted his perspective here.
Now the second thing that keeps bothering me, is this shit with Tiger and the Golf Channel. I honestly thought the shit was over. Girlfriend got suspended for two weeks, Tiger's sorry ass basically said through his agent that it was no big deal, and A-merry-ca was ready to move on.
But then some dumb ass Golf magazine chooses to put a noose on their cover, and Tiger, being Tiger, felt the need to make yet another statement saying it's no big deal ("Kelly [Tilghman]is a friend and I saw no malicious intent in her remark..."). Yeah whatever Tiger. I used to cheer for your sorry ass in all those tournaments, because I admired your skills. But fuck you! I hope you never win another tournament on the PGA Tour. And real field Negroes like Vijay Singh, out drives and out putts your sorry ass every weekend from here on out.

Oh, and another thing, can we get another spokes person besides Al Sharpton for these types of issues? I think he is becoming irrelevant.

I'm off to fight this Philly traffic.

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confused_questions said...

I would agree about Tiger to an extent. He can't just ignore the issue as one of the most prominent African-Americans in all of the sports world.