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Sunday, February 03, 2008

My thoughts on the big game.

That was a great Super Bowl game. Finally a game that lived up to all the hype.

I was at a Super Bowl party, but I left at halftime. There were quite a few Obamaholics there (the "O" man was in Delaware today by the way), but sometimes I just want to watch the game and not talk politics.

I guess the Spytriots won't be making history after all, and it couldn't have happened to a bunch of nicer guys.

The only down side of all this is that I will have to listen to these stinking Giant's fans here in Philly for the next year.

Here are some more of my thoughts:

All the commercials pretty much sucked. Except of course for the one with Naomi Campbell (I don't even remember what it was for) where she was dancing with those lizards.

Doesn't Jordin Sparks and Alicia Keys make the whole melting pot thing seem like a pretty good idea?

I lked Joe Buck's hook up. And I feel bad for Randy Moss, I would love to see him get a ring before his career is over.

I could watch that catch by David Tyree over and over again.

I think I won a square in my office pool. Of course I will be giving the money to charity.......OK that's bullshit, I will be spending that bad boy on lunch this week.

Doesn't the MVP, Eli Manning, remind you of Gomer Pyle?

Finally, let's hope that next year my "Iggles" will be holding up that Vince Lombardi Trophy.


Timi said...

I despise the Giants, but I'm very happy that they beat the Patriots. You know why? Because I DESPISE the Patriots even more!

I saw Obama in Wilmington today. I even got pictures of him that I'll be posting on my site. The speech was great and it was packed! 20000 people showed up in Rodney Square! I'm sure you've seen how small Rodney Square is. It was great.

And trust babes...The Eagles WILL be holding that trophy. If they get rid of McNabb, I'll cry. The Eagles should've beat the cheaters in the Super Bowl in '04. That's ok...we'll be back.

Helen said...

Happy new year to you and all of your readers!