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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Billy I Sure Hope You know What You Are Doing!

So the Sixers GM, Mr. Dukie himself, Billy King, selects Thaddeus Young from G-Tech with the 12th pick in the NBA draft. All I can say is that he better know what the hell he is doing, because I usually go with my gut with NBA drafts, and my gut is not feeling anything with this one. He might be a nice (and I mean just that, nice) player in the NBA one day, and I might live to regret these words, but somehow I don't think Mr. Young will be in the league in the next four years. I see where some scouting services are saying that if the Sixers are lucky he will turn out to be like Antwan Jamison; well dream on.

So Billy, you had a stud-Al Thornton who could come in and helped the Sixers right away and you select Young? The guy was rated the 26th best player in the draft for crying out loud! You had a pick at 20, and I bet you could have gotten him there. But you are a Dukie, so I know it's your mission in life to make me miserable. My only question would be this; why does Ed Snyder still have you around?

Now I will say this; I like Jason Smith from Colorado State, I think he will be a double double guy one day. But this Thaddeus Young pick really has me shaking my head. And then I see Seattle getting the fifth pick in the draft and some nice young players for Ray Allen, and I see what you got for A.I., who in my humble opinion is a better player, and I really have to say, just WTF are you thinking?

Hey, at least you didn't take Josh McRoberts.

As I type this post, the Phillies are losing to the Metropolitans once again. (Jimmy I thought you guys were going to take the division this year?) That would be three in a row, and now they are six games behind the division leading Mets. I know they have had some injuries, but Pat Gillick should have done a better job getting the Phillies bull pen help this off season.

Poor Phils, I guess they have the most losses of any American sports franchise for a reason. Another summer of discontent for the poor Phillies fans. I have to work among these people, so believe me, this isn't easy for me either.

I'm out.