Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


And here I thought the best thing that came out of Switzerland was their cheese. Mr. Federer, you are the truth. And probably the greatest tennis player ever. (Probably) You could make a good argument for about three others. --The man you tied today for five straight Wimbledon titles, Bjorn Borg, comes to mind.

Watching you and Nadal go at it this morning, makes me glad that I had "breakfast at Wimbledon." That was a classic five setter and no one deserved to lose. Let's hope that you both stay healthy for a long time to come.

It was also nice to see Venus take the women's singles title too. I hope everyone noticed that it was the 50th anniversary of Althea Gibson's singles title at the all England Club. Ms. Gibson, like Jackie Robinson, is a true trail blazer who doesn't get enough nearly credit for all she did for the game.

On another note, I see the Phillies are at 9,999 and one loss away from 10,000. Couldn't have happened to a bunch of nicer guys. I kid of course, I have never liked the Phillies. From their cheap ass ownership group, to their history of racism. (Last National league team to integrate) From Bill Giles, to Robert Carpenter, to Billy Baker. The team, like all their owners have always been pathetic. I wasn't around in 1964 when Chico Ruiz stole home which capped that infamous 10 game losing streak which cost them the pennant that year. But if I was, I would have cheered my head off. Just like I did when Joe Carter hit that blast off the "Wild Thing" which ended their shot at the World Series, which would have been only their second in 124 years.

I'm out.