Even field Negroes like to play.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Man he is good!

So Tiger hangs on to win his 13th major in 100 degree heat. The guy was just making pars all day and it was still enough to win. The more I watch Woods, the more I have to wonder if there aren't guys on the tour with just as much talent. The problem is, no one has that laser like focus and the determination that he does.

Do you see what usually happens to guys that play with him when he is in contention on a Sunday? They fold like a dress shirt in a Macy's display. Today some poor Canadian guy had to take his lumps under the scrutiny, and it was sad to watch. "Big Easy" (Ernie Els) made it fun for a minute, but you just knew it was Wood's day all along.

Nice to see that Roger Federer is human too. He finally lost a tournament today in Montreal to a guy with a name I can't even remember. Still, he is my favorite to win the U.S. Open.

Can anyone stop the Yankees? I promise you that if you asked people in Boston right now, if they would be happy just to make the playoffs as a wild card team, they would say yes. Why, because everyone in Beantown knows that the Yankees will catch them and take the division, that's why. Then they will have to hold off Seattle, Detroit, or Cleveland just to make the playoffs.

It should be a fun September.