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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A sad ending to a troubled life.

It was a sad day in Sharon Hill Pennsylvania yesterday. A bright star with a troubled past was put to rest.

Everyone has heard by now how former NBA player,Eddie Griffin, drove his SUV into a train in Houston Texas. An accident so horrific, that it took days to identify his six foot ten inch frame. There wasn't even any skid marks at the scene.

Griffin always had potential, but he had a troubled NBA career, bouncing from team to team, and struggling with substance abuse problems. The news always focused on Griffin's problems, such as his volatile temper which got him suspended from Roman Catholic High School, and a fight that got him kicked off his college basketball team at Seton Hall.

But there was a warm side to Griffin too, and many people here in Philly talk about a real good soft spoken kid with a big heart. I remember a buddy of mine watching the Philadelphia high school catholic league championship game a few years ago, and raving about how good Griffin was. But something bothered him about Griffin even then. Even though he was doing some serious balling on the court, his head didn't seem to be really in the game. And after the game, when his teammates were dancing around the court in jubilation, Griffin seemed disinterested and distant, and didn't even seem to want to participate in the celebrations. My buddy said it then: "Something isn't right with that kid" Boy was he right.

But it was a nice and fitting funeral. Former teammates (such as Kevin Garnett) coaches, family, and his former counselor, John Lucas, were all there. Everyone talked about the sad tragedy of a talented and kind young man who lost is life all too soon.

On a lighter note; I see Tyson Gay beat my man Asafa Powell in the 100 meters at the world championships in Japan. Congrats to the American for a nice win. Now let's see if my man Asafa, can get his shit together in time for the Olympics.

On the women's side; my home girl, Veronica Campbell, beat the American, Lauryn Williams in a very close race. Nice revenge for that 1993 win by Gail Devers over Merlene Ottey. (Yes I still haven't gotten over it) Devers beat Ottey by 001 seconds in that heart breaker.