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Monday, July 30, 2007


Bill Walsh.
I was never a big fan of your "West Coast" offense, but you won three Super Bowls and spawned some pretty good coaches. More importantly, you seemed like a decent person, and a pretty good human being.

You will be missed.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I know players have been behaving badly of late, but now it seems some of those charged to control the games may be behaving badly as well.

Tim Donaghy is from my hometown of Philadelphia, and now finds himself under the gun so to speak. As it turns out the feds have been investigating some not too nice characters, and referee Tim was drawn into that net righ along with these other charecters. Now the question is; how many more are involved? I know the NBA is hoping that not even one more of their referees have this problem. Because if they do; then the pro game now has a serious issues. Much more serious than a few players behaving badly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dog days for Mr. Vick

No truth to the rumor that Nike dropped Michael Vick and Hush Puppy picked him up......I know white folks that wasn't funny.

But seriously, if this story with Vick and the dogs is true, he is cooked. America will never forgive him! He would have had a better chance of redemption if he had killed his wife like another famous football player did. I have blogged on the issue of white folks and their pets before, and if you thought I was lying, watch how this Vick thing plays itself out.

On my to work this morning it was all over AM radio stations. And I am not just talking about the sports shows. One guy actually called in and asked for the "death penalty" if it could be proven that Vick actually trained dogs to fight.

Now let me say for the record; I love dogs. If I had to make a choice between a dog and a cat it wouldn't even be close. They don't call them "man's best friends" for nothing. Still, I just don't get it with America and animals. There is so much hypocrisy involved with this entire situation that it's almost laughable. I can hear Joe "Sixpack" over the dinner table now: "Honey can you believe what this jerk did to those poor animals? The man should be put under the jail; how can you do that to a poor dog, another living thing for crying out loud? Ahhh could you pass the steak for me please?" Context America, context.

Sorry, I live in a city where 222 human beings like me have been murdered so far this year; so you will excuse me if I don't lose any sleep over Micheal Vick's fucking dogs.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

"You aint all the way black"

As someone who loves to speak uncomfortable truths myself, I have to say that I have no problem with Gary Sheffield when he speaks his mind. Sheffield is to baseball, what Francis Holland has become to the blogosphere. I love the guys honesty, his blunt talk, and the way he can straight stroke a baseball. Believe me, as a long time Detroit Tigers fan (don't ask how) this is important to me.

So Gary Sheffield has been "stirring the pot" again. This time by calling out the Yankees and their Manager, Joe Torre, for their double standard when it comes to their treatment of black players. Sheffield, because of his abilities as a player, and because of his veteran status has been acting as an unofficial spokesperson for the African American players in Major League Baseball . His comments about the passive Latin players and baseball's more willingness to deal with them, was also controversial and drew criticism from a majority white sports public tired of hearing about race. They wish the talk of race in their beloved sports world would just go away like one of Sheffield's home runs deep into Tiger stadium.

But why should it? Why shouldn't Sheffield be able to speak his mind? Every great athlete who makes a Brinks Truck load of money can't be like Mike, or Magic, or, for that matter, Tiger. No, some people in America,regardless of how much money they make actually call bullshit when they see it. For the record, I despise Michael Jordon as a person. I think he is a sellout, and is someone who turned his back on his people so that little white boys in Iowa can have his posters on their walls, and little black boys in inner city America can kill and rob each other for his $150 branded sneakers. Now he spends his retirement running from golf course to golf course gambling away his money, and playing O.J. (think about it) from one resort to another. He and his side kick, the round mound of buffoonery, also known as Sir Charles, are beloved by white folks because they never say things to really make them (white folks) uncomfortable. Charles tries from time to time, but he is viewed more as a big joke, and is never taken seriously by anyone who listen to him. Sheffield, on the other hand, is viewed as an "angry black man" ---at least that's how one local sports talk show described him today--- and thus he makes white folks uncomfortable. The response to his statements are often swift and vitriolic. "The guy makes millions and he is still angry, Sheffield should just shut up and play, he makes good money what is he bitching about, he makes more money that I will ever see in my life, and I am white." (God forbid a black man does that) Nothing puzzles white folks more than a black man who makes a lot of money but still bitches about inequities in society. To them, money is the great equalizer and should cure all woes real and perceived. Sheffield was confronted with another popular comeback when the uncomfortable issue of race is raised. Well if the Yankees are so bad why is it that a black player -Derek Jeter- gets the mega star treatment from them. (If America is so bad for black people how come Oprah is so rich?) Sheffield's response was that Jeter wasn't "all the way black", that he is both "black and white" true statements because Jeter is the child of a mixed marriage. Yet I am sure he will be pillaged for that one as well.

Now let me say for the record that I don't know anything about what goes on behind the scenes with the Yankees or Joe Torre. Sheffield said that other black players had an issue with Torre because "they weren't treated like everyone else". They were called out and "disrespected" while the white players weren't. This may or may not have been true. But I will say this; if it is true I wouldn't be surprised. What, cause they are the Yankees they are above racism? Bullshit! When it comes to racism everybody is a fucking suspect.

So keep speaking your mind Mr. Sheffield, no matter how uncomfortable it makes people. The other field Negroes out here have your back, and we are glad you make other people uncomfortable. Hell they should be, America is an uncomfortable place, and baseball is as American as apple pie.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007


And here I thought the best thing that came out of Switzerland was their cheese. Mr. Federer, you are the truth. And probably the greatest tennis player ever. (Probably) You could make a good argument for about three others. --The man you tied today for five straight Wimbledon titles, Bjorn Borg, comes to mind.

Watching you and Nadal go at it this morning, makes me glad that I had "breakfast at Wimbledon." That was a classic five setter and no one deserved to lose. Let's hope that you both stay healthy for a long time to come.

It was also nice to see Venus take the women's singles title too. I hope everyone noticed that it was the 50th anniversary of Althea Gibson's singles title at the all England Club. Ms. Gibson, like Jackie Robinson, is a true trail blazer who doesn't get enough nearly credit for all she did for the game.

On another note, I see the Phillies are at 9,999 and one loss away from 10,000. Couldn't have happened to a bunch of nicer guys. I kid of course, I have never liked the Phillies. From their cheap ass ownership group, to their history of racism. (Last National league team to integrate) From Bill Giles, to Robert Carpenter, to Billy Baker. The team, like all their owners have always been pathetic. I wasn't around in 1964 when Chico Ruiz stole home which capped that infamous 10 game losing streak which cost them the pennant that year. But if I was, I would have cheered my head off. Just like I did when Joe Carter hit that blast off the "Wild Thing" which ended their shot at the World Series, which would have been only their second in 124 years.

I'm out.