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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Roundup and Rants.

Well Mr. Garcia if you are going to play like that, we might just keep you around after all. Jeff Garcia was definitely the truth last night, and he cam through big time for my iggles. Still, they must do something about the rush defense, and the defensive ends are getting absolutely no rush on opposing QB's. But, it was a nice win, and long over due. Believe it or not, the NFC wild card race is still wide open.

Now of course, I say wild card, because my iggles have no shot at winning the division. The Cowboys are just too good and balanced. Romo had a so so day, and they still beat the G-Men in New York. Is there a more animated coach in the NFL than Tom Coughlin. Wow, that guy needs to take a freaking bottle of chill pills. Although I can't say I can blame him, his team makes one dumb penalty after another,and are imploding right before his very eyes. Couldn't have happened to a bunch of nicer guys. I f*****g hate the G-Men! More than I do the Cowboys. I know that's blasphemy coming from an Eagles fan, but it's the truth.

Titans win Titans win! Just what the f**k is going on in Tennessee? And to think, we could have had Jeff Fisher here in Philly.

Some thoughts: Why aren't more teams going after Manny Rimarez, and why are people even complaining that Michigan isn't in the National Championship game? Get over it already, they had their shot, and the last time I checked, Florida just had one loss in the toughest conference top to bottom in college football, the SEC. And why can't Bama get a coach? People like Nick Saban have already turned the tide down, and that's not good. Folks, Bama is fast becoming a less of a college powerhouse and I can't explain why. Well, yes I can; maybe it's all these coaches that have come through Tuscaloosa over the past few years, and being on some serious probation a few years ago didn't help. But it seemed like Shula was starting to turn it around. But then again, you can't lose to Mississippi State at home, and lose three straight (or was it four) to Auburn.

Finally, will someone please Tell Sylvester Stallone that it's over with the "Rocky" stuff. Yeah yeah yeah, he had a nice run of it, but it's over already. And here in Philly, we need to get over that fictional hero too. IT WAS A F*****G MOVIE! Hey, don't we have real boxing heroes here like "Smoking Joe, and B-Hop who we could be embracing for real? Come on Philly, we are better than that.

The field is out.

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