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Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Like I didn't see this coming: Yes my iggles got their asses kicked last night, and the scary thing is, it could have been worse. I mean wasn't it just a two years ago that their defense was dominating the NFC? And don't get me wrong, the rookie from LSU, Joseph Addai is a nice runner, but the last time I checked Jim Brown retired from football. Or did he? Was that Jimmy B I saw last night gashing the iggles for seven and eight yards a pop last night? Sad indeed!

And please, I don't want to hear about McNabb being hurt and the T.O. effect still lingering from last year. Let's face it Eagle Nation; it's OVER for this team! Oh, and before I forget; let me be the first to say it right now: Jimmy Johnson, our defensive coordinator must go! Yes, it's time. I am sorry Jimmy, you served this town and the iggles well, but the game has passed you by. All the other coordinators have caught up to you and know just how to beat you now. Maybe if you had a little more talent you could cover up some of your deficiencies, but you don't so you must go!

Nice to see the G-Man collapse against the Titans. I am eating a little crow today. I said previously on this blog that Vince Young should not be starting this year in the NFL. Well, it seems I was wrong. Hey Jeff Fisher, that's why you are the coach and I am not.

Now let's talk some college football real quick. If their is a faster team on both sides of the ball than USC, I would like to see them. I loved how they put a serious ass whopping on my least favorite team in all of football-pros and college- those sorry ass "domers". Yeah Brady Quinn is alright, and he will play on Sundays, but they have never seen speed like SC's all year, and maybe next time they will play a real schedhule instead of loading up with the Army Navies of the world.

And oh how the mighty have fallen. FSU and Miami's total record is 12-12, and Wake freaking Forest is sitting on top of the ACC. Not to mention Rutgers with only one loss and a shot at the Big East title. Cue in Twilight Zone music here please.

I hope USC and Ohio play for the National Championship-Michigan you had your shot-, and I don't want to hear anybody even mention Florida in the same breath as OSU, USC, and Michigan, they don't even belong in the same stadium with those teams.

Have the Flyers left the cellar yet?


nikki said...

as a falcons fan i feel your pain. it's over for us too...

field negro said...

Thanks niki, I am miserable; and you know what they say about misery loving company.... :(