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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Week That Was

So my iggles finally broke their losing streak with a nice win over the Skins-who was that left handed impostor of Mark Brunell playing QB for Washington Sunday?-The D looked good, and they finally ran the damn ball. Dante Stallworth looks like the real deal, he runs nice patterns, and has world class speed. Now if he can just stay healthy.

Lovie's Bears might be for real after all. The put a nice ass whupping on the G men, even though half of their line was out, it was still a nice win for da Bears. Did anyone catch the San Diego Cincinnati game? Hey, I thought Marvin Lewis was supposed to preach defense?
Indy is still undefeated, so what else is new. They will win twelve or thirteen games this year, and lose in the playoffs before they can get to the big game again. Why you say? I will tell you why: He is called Peyton, and that guy could never win the big one. He had to leave Tennessee for them to get a National Championship.

I want to switch gears real quick, and talk about the General. Now this is a tough one for me, because I loved John Chaney when he was coaching, and I saw him grab his players all the time. But Bobby Knight has a history, and he should know better than thumping a player on his chin in the middle of a fuc*&%g game. The man has some serious anger management problems. But hey, if the player or his parents didn't have a problem with it, I am going to leave it alone.
But I love the hypocrites who were screaming at the University of Miami President for her to do something about her players after that fight, but have no problem with the Texas Tech administration staying quiet on this one. Hey, is that crickets I hear?

Looking forward to Michigan Ohio State this Saturday, I am not sure if Super Mario is playing or not. If he is, I am taking Michigan in a squeaker. If not, I am going with The Ohio State University.

What? An African didn't win the NYC Marathon? Just WTF is the world coming to?


Reggie Williams said...

As I stated on my sports radio show last night, I don't care for the general, nor his coaching tactics. However, I do respect the man for the percentage of ballplayers he's graduated. Additionally, as a child who grew up in a community where every adult in the neighborhood had a passport to whup my butt, I can look the other way in terms of the slap; I know Knight cares for those kids.

However, what pissed me off about the incident is everyone involved, Knight, the kid, his parents and the school's administration chose to characterize Knight's slap as "lifting of the chin." The tape clearly shows different. I mean they are telling me or us that we don't know the differnce between someone being slapped and having their chin lifted.

Knight's arrogance is akin to George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tom Delay, and Jack Abramoff among others. While the media will give them a slap on the wrist for their ornery behavior, they will hang a negro like TO or Barry Bonds [who I don't particular care for either of them either].

With regards to your statement, "if the player or his parents didn't have a problem," we don't know if they didn't have a problem. We only know what their public perception is. There are plenty of folks who ain't feeling what Bush, Cheney or Delay has done, but they ain't speaking out either.

But with all that said, I interested in how everyone will act the first time someonce catches a black coach lifted a player's chin.

field negro said...

Good point about the double standard Reggie,although I must say my man John Cheny used to get away with alot.

But you are right about Knight, Bush etc., and their sense of entitlement. It's what allows them to slap a player, or circumvent our constituion all in one breath.

You gotta love it!