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Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterback

My iggles didn't play yesterday, so I almost played a round of golf and ignore the "no fun league." At the last minute my buddy called and canceled our game-wife issues- and I was forced to watch some of the games. Now I am glad I did. The thriller in DC. between the pokes and the skins was probably the best game so far this year. The way that game ended; to quote the Master Card people, was priceless!

And memo to my man T.O. I loved the end zone celebration-going to sleep with the football as a pillow-but you have got to catch those bombs from your QB. If you are going to complain that you want the damn ball, when you get it, you had better deliver. They are paying you a whole lot of money down there in Big D.

Sorry, I am still not feeling Indy. something about the makeup of that team just tells me that they will choke in January. Sorry Lovie, da Bears are still not legit on offense. I was never a big Rex Grossman fan, and after watching his performance against the fish at home, I have to wonder. Oh, and WTF is wrong with the Steelers, maybe Lynn Swann running for governor jinxed them. I saw start my man Charlie Batch until Big Ben gets healthy again.

Can we talk hoops for a minute? Is my man A.I. the truth or what? Thirty one and thirteen dimes to go with it on almost 50% shooting from the floor. Yeah I know it's early, but the Sixers are 3-0. I think Mo really has them playing some D now, and the rookie they drafter looks pretty decent. He actually played some nice D on Tamia's man at the end of the Magic game in Orlando, which helped the Sixers get that win.

As for the Flyers....well, they stink! There is just no other way to put it. I will be surprised if they make the playoffs this year. And in the NHL, missing the playoffs is hard to do.

And I am starting to wonder about Mike Shula. Hey, you cannot lose to Mississippi State at home. I don't care what the circumstances are. Nice win for Crooms, and it's always good to see an African American head coach do well in college. But does he have to do it at the tide's expense?

The field is out!


mark said...

Yo Field yo are correct about Indy they will choke, I wont say payton manning is overated but he has all of the tools to get it done. Well now he is missing the pro bowl running back and still getting it done, he is the best but I still judge him on whether or not he will when champiomships.

Also why are you so easy on boy T.O, it is more than obvious that he does too much "Cooning", he is a supperior football player, but if you are going to talk the most trash in the league then you have to back it up by catching passing game winning td's.

field negro said...

Yo Mark, I know, but dude is so talented, and I think he really has some emotional problems. So for that, I give him a pass.

Mark, we keep missing each other, I am going to try and call you in the AM.