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Monday, November 20, 2006

Suicide Watch!

Folks, that splashing sound you here is that of my fellow Philadelphians jumping off the Ben Franklin Bridge. Yes my friends, the "Chunky Soup Man" D Mc is out for the season, and possibly for some of next season as well. Talk about Black Sunday, this was it! Not only did the iggles stink up the joint against the lowly Titans, but they didn't even come to play. They made Vince Young look like Fran Tarkenton out there. -I bet he was having USC Texas flashbacks all game. The iggles D must have looked like SoCal in that championship game to him- And the defense was gashed over and over by big plays. Oh, and I think Pac Man Jones is still running!

The iggles were unprepared, undisciplined, out of sync, and unmotivated. I hate to say it Andy, but you have one more year. Actually, if they -the birds-lose out this year, it could be your last in Philly town. We appreciate the five straight trips to the NFC championship game, the Super Bowl appearance, and being in the NFC East hunt damn near every year that you have been here. But what have you done for us lately?

Oh, and the news gets worse. Former Eagle, Andre Waters, died suddenly today-maybe he saw the game on Sunday-No I shouldn't joke about that. This is serious, my condolences to his family.

Oh, and the Sixers and the Flyers lost-so what else is new?- C-Web is bitching about playing time. The guy makes 20 million per year and bitches about playing time. Pay me 20 million a year to sit on the bench and cheer on my team mates. Go A.I. Go!!!!! Sh%*. I will be the best damn cheer leader in the history of the NBA.

One good thing came out of this dreadful weekend, and that is that Ryan Howard won the National League MVP today. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think it's the first time someone in the National League won the rookie of the year award, and come back and win the MVP the following year. I know Cal Ripkin did it in the American League, but I don't think it's ever been done on the senior circuit.

But that's where the good news ends. Because the Phils lost the bidding war for Alfonso Soriano to the stinking Cubs. Looks like he did get his eight year deal after all. One day the Phillies are going to realize that they are a Major League team competing with the big boys, and not some double A farm team in Altoona some damn where!!

Now I gotta go, I have an appointment with my shrink.

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