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Monday, October 23, 2006

Blue Monday

So this is what it's like being a Philly fan? My friends tried to warn me: Field they said, if you want to live a normal happy life, don't become a fan of any of the Philly sports teams, they will break your heart every time. [24 years and counting]

Boy they weren't kidding. Just yesterday, it seems my heart was broken three or four different times in one stinking game. Two interceptions thrown by "Chunky Soup Man" taken to the house by that other Barber kid for 14 points. A blown play at the end of the first half causing us at least three points.-Which by the way, would have been the difference in the game-And of course, to top it off, a 63 yard field goal by a guy who probably won't even be in the league next year. This is the third game this year that my birds lost on the last play, and second week in a row. Oh, did I mention that Tampa Bay stinks! Their offense is got to be one of the bottom three in the league, and still they drove on a Jimmy Johnson defense to get the last score.

Yes folks I am bumming, and I don't see it getting better anytime soon. My man AI is about to make his 2006 debut with the Sixers, and I gotta say, that I am not smelling the playoffs for them either. Not to mention, the Flyers stink this year. Just fired their coach, and the GM resigned-what took him so long?- so even though damn near everybody makes the playoffs in the NHL, I gotta worry about them too. Geez, I feel like a New York winter sports fan all of a sudden.

And as if this weekend wasn't bad enough with the guys who get paid to play; did you see the way those "domers" came back on UCLA? I mean what the f^&% was their defensive coordinator smoking? You have to play cover two on their number one receiver-the guy that looks like he just landed from a slacker movie casting call. They made that fraud Brady Quinn look like Joe Montana, and for that, I will never forgive any of those soft ass Pac 10 teams.

Did anyone catch Michigan States comeback? Wow! Are those guys -State-schitzo or what?
I still think their coach should be fired. And speaking of firring coaches; Joe Gibbs has got to go back to NASCAR, this ain't his NFL anymore. Same goes for Art Shell, although I feel sorry for Shell, because he was way less talent than Gibbs does. Oh, and ditto for the guys in Detroit, Buffalo, and Baltimore. Yes Brian you have worn out your welcome.

I saw a recent poll, I think it was SI with the top receivers in College football, and my man, Sidney Rice from South Carolina wasn't on it. My question is, who makes up these things? Yes I saw Calvin Johnson from GT, and he is probably the best receiver in college football right now. But my man Sidney is number two, hands down. Or should I say hands up.

Will somebody please teach the Crimson Tide O linemen how to block?

I'm out, I can't even write anymore, I keep getting more depressed as I think about this past weekend.


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