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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Best In Fashion Sports Version.

OK so as any reader of my field negro blog knows, I like lists. So in keeping with my affection for such things I have decided to compile a list of the ten best uniforms in sports as of today, and some of the worse. I say as of today, because lately teams have been changing their uniforms so damn much, I can hardly keep up anymore. Now this lists includes all sports, and is not broken down by category. I know I know, maybe I should have broken it down , but I don't have time. Besides, a classic is a classic regardless of the sport. Also, this list is for professional teams only. I will do a college list later. So anyway, here goes:

The Best:

1. New York Yankees-And not just because they are in the news right now. Those pinstripes are classic, and that NY logo is one of a kind. When Yankees players suit up, it's like the equivalent of business men going to work on wall street. Yes the unis are conservative, but that's what's so beautiful about it. And it doesn't hurt that there are no names on the back, and so many great players have worn the pinstripes.

2. Dallas Cowboys-This hurts to have to do this. But for the same reasons I picked the Yankees and their classic unis, I have to go with the Pokes. Not only is it classic and timeless, but like the Yanks they have an unmistakable logo with that star on the helmets. Also, like the Yanks, having great players suit up over the years in your uni helps.

3. St. Louis Cardinals-Those birds on the baseball bat is priceless, and like the Yanks, the St. Louis logo on the hats are great and distinctive.

4. Los Angeles Lakers-That purple and gold just says showtime.

5. Chicago Bulls-Maybe it's because of Michael Jordon. Yes it's exactly because of Michael Jordon, but that uni seemed perfect for him. You gotta love the black and red color scheme, with that intimidating bull staring you down.

6. Detroit Red Wings-Gotta love those home red outfits. And like the Yanks and the Cowboys, tradition makes it look so much better.

7. Oakland Raiders- Silver and Black with the classic pirate on the helmet. This is the perfect football uniform. Too bad they stink this year.

8. Philadelphia Flyers- I know Orange isn't the greatest color for a uni, but that flyer logo is all that.

9. Minnesota Vikings- That purple and gold color scheme with a killer logo puts the Vikes in my top ten. What's with that purple and gold that makes it look so good?

10. Milwaukee Bucks-Maybe it was that whole Lew Alcindor thing, but I still love these unis.

Honorable Mention goes to the San Francisco Forty Niners,
The Detroit Tigers, The Denver Broncos, the New York Knicks, and the New York Rangers.

Now you may have noticed a trend with all my faves. All those teams are pretty much original teams, and all those unis have been around for awhile. So if you guessed that I am a traditionalist and I don't have much love for all the expansion team unis,you would be correct.

So here are five of my worst:

1. Carolina Panthers- Teal for a football team? Like what the f$%# were they thinking?

2. Charlotte Bobcats-Sorry Bob, you are a brother and I should be supporting you, but there ought to be a law against those unis that you gave those boys to wear.

3. Houston Rockets-I am still trying to figure out just what they were trying to do.

4. Houston Texans-Just because the team stinks doesn't mean the unis have to stink too.

Honorable Mention goes to the New England Patriots,The Denver Nuggets, and the Baltimore Ravens.

I'm out.

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