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Monday, October 09, 2006

Was It Worth The Hype?

OK so T.O. finally came back to Philly with the hated Cowboys, and as much as I hate to admit it, the game itself lived up to the hype. Although T.O. himself was way less than stellar in his return to Eagle Country (3 catches for 45 yards and one alligator arm attempt) D-Mc was all that and some, and the defensive line was chasing feet of clay Bledsoe all day long. Still, at the end, Dallas was driving and had a chance to send the game into O.T., when Bledsoe or his tight end-not sure which one-caught a brain lock and threw a nice pass right into the hands of Eagles corner back Lito Shepperd. The rest, as they say, is history. All Lito did was take that bad boy 102 yards to the house, and the game was over.

So maybe it was worth the hype, maybe I was wrong about the game not making a difference in the season . If the Iggles can keep up the momentum from that game, they might be able to do something this year. I guess that Giants game thought them something after all. One of the players said it was the best loss they ever had, and he might be right.

Congrats to the Tigers for taking out the Yankees. A team, by the way, which I happen to like. I just couldn't root for them when they were playing possibly my favorite team in all professional sports. The gambler-Kenny Rogers-, Jeremy Bonderman, and the rest of the Tiger's pitchers deserve all the credit in the world. And I must say, that my man, A Rod, came up real small. Now the news out of New York is that the Boss has fired the Manager, Joe Torre, and is contemplating bringing back Lou Pinella. News flash George! It won't help, not until you get rid of that GM Cashman of yours, who keeps spending your money like a drunken sailor on over the hill pitchers. Yes Boss, you might want to put some of that money you have into developing your farm system, and bringing up some quality young arms like the Tigers did, and like the Atlanta Braves did a few years back to make their unbelievable run at Division Championships.

So sorry Yanks, no tears from the field negro for you; my Tigers are in it, and now it's time to focus on Oakland. Now if the Cards can just win the NL pennant, it will be 1968 all over again.
Where is Bob Gibson, Mickey Lolich, and Denny McClain when you need em?

Oh, and one more thing before. Do we need anymore proof that the heavyweight division is boxing is now a complete joke? I saw the latest circus act Don King trotted out the other night (a seven foot plus Russian) and the guy is supposed to be 43 and 0 or something. Now other than being the biggest heavy weight I have ever seen, the guy actually had some stamina, and some limited skills. But if this guy is a legitimate heavy weight champion, I am Mike Tyson. The only thing that saved him, was that his opponent was even worse. Folks, it's gotten so bad that my man Bernard Hopkins is thinking of coming out of retirement, putting on fifty pounds, and fighting for the heavy weight belt himself. And you know what? He just might be able to do it!

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