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Monday, October 16, 2006


OK so my second favorite team in the NFL beat my favorite Sunday. I must admit, that it was like a mother having to pick between two sons who to cheer for. But some thoughts on that and some other games:

First, someone on the Eagles needs to get into Michael Lewis's face, and explain to him that his pro bowl trip was two years ago, and right about now he stinks in pass coverage. Yes he can still lay a bell ringer of a hit on you-see T.O. 's alligator arm when he saw him coming in that Eagles Cowboys game-but my man is seriously lacking in pass coverage. Also, Reggie Bush will be a nice player in the NFL, but he isn't the second coming of Barry Sanders, or even Tiki Barber or Warrick Dunn for that matter. My man had better bulk up and learn to run between tackles, and put a stiff arm or two into his repertoire, or he will be just another Dave Megett for the rest of his career. Nice player, but not worth all the hoopla.

And what the f%^& was San Diego thinking getting rid of Drew Brees, this guy is the truth. He owned the Eagles Sunday. He along with the DE Martin really stood out in my mind. And Joe Horn, was well, Joe Horn.

I see the officials robbed the Bengals, sorry Marvin, I think the league has it out for your team. Too many free spirits for their liking. Those officials ought to be locked up for robbery. If I were Bengals fan, I would be still writing letters to the Commissioner.

So a few teams got off the snide Sunday. The Lions, the Bucks, and the Titans. I have said this here before, but it bears repeating. Vince Young is not quite ready to start in the NFL, but he will win you a game here and there with his athleticism. Joe Gibbs should go back to NASCAR, because the game has passed him by.

One team that is still win less is the Raiders. You gotta feel for Art Shell. But damn it man, could you show us some more passion please? So Art will be the first coach to go in my book, and that clown in Buffalo shouldn't be far behind.

Finally, T.O. had three, count em, three T.D.'s in Texas Stadium, but before we start making his bust for Canton, it was the Texans. Still, it was nice of Bledsoe, and Parcells to recognize that they have to throw to T.O in the red zone. Nobody wants to get in the end zone more , and frankly, nobody does a better job of getting there. BTW, his form on the "snap" was perfect. See, that's what happens when you live in the "A", you get their dance moves down in no time.

The field is out!

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