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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just Another Sunday

Another Sunday of NFL football, and as usual, the field has some thoughts.

First and foremost, congrats to my iggles for a nice win on the road. Yeah I know it's Houston, but in the NFL, and on any given Sunday, well you know the rest. All sixteen games count in the no fun league, so it was nice to see the iggles win a game they could have lost. I have to admit, my man Donte Stallworth is the truth. I know it's just one game, but he seems to be on the same page with chunky soup man, so I might have to revise how many games I had the bird
s winning this season.

I hope Green Bay Brett realizes that it's time to hang it up. Lovie's Bears put an old fashion ass whooping on them, and in Lambeau no less. The Bears D is good. I think they will represent the NFC central again. And speaking of fraud QB's, I think Chris Simms is being exposed a little. His Bucs took an of er today too. I didn't like him at Texas, and I don't like him in the pros. And it is hard for me to rip him, because being one myself, I am partial to lefties. And while we are on former Texas QB's, I think Jeff Fisher made a mistake putting in Vince Young when he did. Vince is not ready for prime time. His day will come, but it wasn't today. You brought in Collins to do the job, stick with him until Young is ready please Jeff.

Mmmmm, let's see what else happened in week one of the no fun league. The pokes got beat by an underrated Jacksonville team. T.O. was, well, T.O., but he can't do it by himself, feet of clay Bledsoe will have to get some protect, and doe better than three interceptions, or it's going to be a looooong season for the pokes. I know here in Philly, the fans will lose their minds if the pokes can lose with public enemy number one T.O. on their team.

You will notice I am blogging and not watching the Manning show on NBC. That's because I am sick of them already. Memo to Peyton, win a big ball game just once in your life, and then maybe I will consider you an elite QB. Until then, you are just Archie's kid playing in a nice system.
Let's see how you do now that the "Edge" is in desert. Speaking of over hyped QB's, I see Mr. Vick's Falcons won a big ball game against one of the pre season favorites to go the Super Bowl, Carolina today. Thanks of course to my man Warwick Dunn. Now that guy [Dunn] has game, and I don't say that because he is a Baton Rouge guy. He really has been doing it for a long time, and he can break one from anywhere on the field at any given time.

Enough of football, let's talk baseball. My favorite team the Tigers, are about to do a serious choke routine. They just dropped three out of four to the Twinkies, and now they are in danger of not even making the playoffs at all. I know they are young but Jim Leyland had better earn his keep right about now.

Did you see what the D train did to the Phillies today? A Complete game three hitter. When you can shut down a line up which includes Ryan Howard, you are dealing. And I was wondering; just how much are they paying Pat Burrell again? That guy is brutal, and he is killing the Phillies. They ought to get him out of there now, before he costs them another game, or worse, a shot at the playoffs.

Yep, just as I said he would, Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick to win the U.S. Open. That's nine grand slams and accounting for probably -with apologies to Mr. Multi Cultural Man- the best athlete in his sport today. And speaking of tennis; am I the only one who wanted Agasi's long good bye to just end? I mean, he was a great player, but I just don't get the American sports fans love affair with certain athletes.

Oh, and before I forget, congrats to former bad boy, Bill Lambeir and the Detroit Shock for winning their second WNBA championship in three years. And was that Rick Mahorn I saw on your bench as one of your assistance? Bad boys for life huh Bill?

The field is out, I think I am going to sneak a peak at that Colts Giants game after all.

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