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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sports Rants

OK so the teams with the two best fight songs in college football hooked up yesterday, and Michigan put a good old fashion ass whooping on those domers. I must admit, I enjoyed it. I love seeing America's darling team the Irish get theirs, plus, I still don't like what they did to Ty Willingham. Brady Quinn looked totally clueless, and Michigan, as usual brought some speed demons to the wide out spot that had the domer corner backs a stepping slow all day.

Looks like a couple of teems got hosed on calls yesterday. LSU, and Oklahoma. Not too of my favorite programs, but fair is fair. I think LSU actually has a better team than Auburn, but that's a tough league -The SEC- and whoever comes out of there might have one or two losses and no shot at a National Championship. As for the Oregon game, that ball did not go ten yards on the on side kick, and those referees should have their eyes checked. Of course they were Pac 10 officials and the game was at Oregon, so a little home cooking looks like it was in order. Speaking of Oregon, I still don't know what to think of those uniforms.

Lets see now, speaking of the Pac 10. USC, looks like a decent team, but I don't think they have what it takes to go all the way this year. Their wide outs are first round picks, and they do have talent on both sides of the ball, but I am not a believer yet. Plus, their schedule is so soft.
I wonder if the NCAA will take away their 2004 National Championship because of the Reggie Bush cheating scandal? in my opinion, they should not, too many guys on that team busted their butts for that ring for it to be taken away for something that has been going on for ever.

Let me check the baseballs scores: OK nice, my Tigers hang on for a nice win. Two up on the Twinkies who also won. (I wish they would just go away). and five up on the pale hose. Huge three game series coming up with those hose. Hang on Tigers hang on!! It will be our first playoffs in 19 years if you do. I see the Phillies got a nice win. My man Cole was dealing, no hitter all the way into the sixth inning. I think they might actually have a chance, only because I think they will be able to pass the Dodgers. They can forget San Diego, too much pitching.
I am still rooting for the Giants and Barry, it would be nice to see Mr. Bonds -shaken not stirred- in the post season again.

Ahhhhh, the NFL. My iggles play the g-man today, all those obnoxious giants fans coming down the turnpike. I hope they behave themselves. Just because there is no more 700 level, it does not mean that there are not plenty of fans here who would love nothing more than to administer a good old fashion Philly ass whooping on them.

The Field is out for now!


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