Even field Negroes like to play.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Serena's heckling problem & Pig fooey

"WTF? White people flipping out from the cognative dissonance of seeing something in their realm disturbed just a teensy bit? Zounds!!! Say it ain't so!!! Could this guy have been a White House aide, too? As you know, we don't belong in certain situations, sports, neighborhoods, schools. Even if we make up 70% of the population in a certain area, we'll still get stares if we're the ones at the exclusive school's Spring Festival visiting our kids, who make up .001% of that student body...and don't lead the school's football or basketball teams, as we're supposed to do when "given" such an opportunity, right? ;-)

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. - Serena Williams says a heckler bothered her throughout her match Monday at the Sony Ericsson Open, making at least one racist remark before he was finally ejected.``The guy said, `Hit the net like any Negro would.' I was shocked,'' Williams said. ``I couldn't believe it. I had to do a double take. I think I hit a double fault on that point.''Williams won the third-round match against Lucie Safarova, 6-3, 6-4. Williams complained late in the match to the chair umpire about the heckler.``I shouldn't have let it bother me, because growing up in Compton we had drive-bys,'' said Williams, who was raised in Los Angeles. ``I guess that's what my dad prepared me for, but I'm not going to stand for it.''
By the way, the "drive-bys" comment was definitely hyperbole on her part. Come the hell, Serena! No need to exotic-yourself up for Mr. Charlie or impress the ghettofolk.
It is sad, indeed, that we continually let them define us by our least common denominator. Our mudsill. Our bama and ghettofab quotient. Yes we have our self-loathing contingent of tight-assed fools (see, e.g,, Tiger below), but they are not the problem. We give white folks cheap victories and cheapen ourselves. In movies, TV (reality genre especially) and no doubt in the book biz, fanboys and girls...

Serena is more a "threat" than Tiger Woods b/c Tiger has tried to vanilla-ize himself (and he still gets messed with!). Serena has not done this and Serena is not shy and self-effacing. More power to her, her big bama ass and all! You al know I don't give up props to bamas unless there's the word at stake, like the Athenians saying to the 300 Spartans "Thanks, dudes." (n.b. the sacrifice at Thermopalye allowed the Athenians time to evacuate the city and them stage a naval battle at Salamis that destroyed the Persian navy and thus cut Xerxes' army off; that battle at the end of "300" in which the narrator leads the charge was merely the icing on the cake.) So I do give credit when it's due..."

Big hat tip to my man Chris over at Nat Turner's Revenge from who I lifted that entire post. Dude you were killing.

I have a question: Just what the f**k was Frank Broyles thinking when he let Stan Heath go? I think Arkansas is confusing their basketball program with their track program. News flash! You are not Kentucky, UCLA, or Duke. Heath took your sorry pig sooey asses to two NCAA tournies in three years. A program, by the way, that was seriously down after Nolan Richardson left. Yes he lost in the first round both years. But you know what, Bucknell, and So Cal ain't bad teams.

And this is what Razorback fans are saying:"Fayetteville Fan wrote on March 27, 2007 8:36 PM:"The issue of racism is only partly true. The University of Arkansas hired Stan Heath because he is black. That is not what got him fired. With Nolan Richardson yelling about racism the U of A hired a black coach to counter that claim. Stan Heath is a fine man and a good coach...but not good enough for Arkansas and the SEC. The falling attendance at Bud Walton and the road losses are simply unacceptable in Razorback Land. I am no Big supporter of Frank Broyles, but he got this one right."

John wrote on March 28, 2007 3:43 PM:"Let's see this for what it really is, a poor decision on Frank Broyles part. As for the person or people that stated that Houston Nutt saved the football program, you have no knowledge of what a savior is. Bottom line Houston Nutt is a beloved home state guy. That's it!!! That's why he get the support of the Arkansas people. We are talking about a guy who has literally refused to hire an offensive coordinator until this year. And what happened with that. Secondly, as long as he has been the coach, the quarterback and play calling decisions have been terrible at best. Coach Heath consider this decision a blessing because that good ole boy razorback politics is hard to combat in most cases. "

Sad Fan wrote on March 29, 2007 10:32 AM:"This is truly a shame! Stan Heath is a man of character and integrity, and he gave our team so much more than just winning ball games. . . he challenged them to aspire to be young men of character and integrity too. His first five seasons were gaining momentum. . .and need I remind that Nolan did not have a stellar first five years either. Now we will be back to rebuilding a team. This was Coach Heath's team. Whoever is hired will have to rebuild. This was a bad decision, and it was for all the wrong reasons. Frank should not be listening to the fans and to the money. . .he should be looking at what Coach Heath was building, and help him to get there. That is the job of Athletic Director. (Of course, our A.D. has lived in the past for so long, he may not know that.) Talk about time for a change. . . Frank, listen to your own words and leave now. For the good of the program!"
Whoopigark wrote on March 30, 2007 12:38 PM:"I just came out of the sports administration offices and passed Coach Gregg Marshall From Winthrop!!!"

I see my iggles finally signed a decent linebacker. I just hope Takeo (I have no neck) Spikes can deliver. The brother does have some injury issues, but we will see. Hopefully this will mean the end of the bow tie man in Philly. I got sick of seeing his ass do that stupid air guitar celebration after every stinking tackle.

Memo to Ugueth Urbina, the next time you want to go chopping down people instead of sugar cane , you might want to rethink your tactics. And 14 years in some God forsaken Venezuelan pokey will give you lots of time to think.

I'm out.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bye Tubby

Bye bye Tubby, you did a great job at Kentucky, but in the field's opinion, it was time for you to go. I think you would even acknowledge that. Yes I know the Kentucky fans can by tough, and yes, at times, unrealistic. But you have to understand, there is no pro team in that state, and basketball is bigger than football. (Think college football in Nebraska)So I am not sure I can blame those die hards for being frustrated that one of the elite college basketball programs in the country, can't be in the final four hunt more often.

Now I have heard some black folks try to play the race card with Tubby's leaving. Trust me on this one folks, race had nothing to do with it. Tubby was there ten years, and although he did win one National Championship, he did it with Pitino's recruits. And at Kentucky, one serious run in ten years is not enough. Now please believe me when I tell you that I love Tubby, he can flat out coach. But, he can't recruit worth a lick, and he has always been lazy to go out on the road and close the deal with his recruits. As a result, he has been getting mid major recruits at a major program. That ain't gonna cut it in the SEC, and at Kentucky. I don't care how good of a coach you are, you are going to lose ten games a year with those types of players on that level.

So Tubby will be fine at Minnesota, they wanted him, and he wanted out of Lexington. But unless he starts recruiting, he will be winning 18-20 games a year with the Gophers ,competing in the big ten year in and year out, and that's about it. That might cut it in the land of a thousand lakes, but it ain't gonna cut it in blue grass country.

I see Kobe dropped 50 again. What is that, like ten in a row now? I know it's only been four, but it sure as hell seems like ten. Kobe can score whenever he wants and that's scary. Now my man joins another Philly guy as the only two players in history to score 50 in four straight games. And the Lakers have been winning during his streak. So you can't hate on Kobe for jacking 35-40 shots a game, and I damn sure know his teammates better not been complaining, cause him being aggresive on the offensive side of the ball is the only chance the Lakers have of making the playoffs.

Looks like there might be a black eye on my home country. (Jamaica) Seems the cricket coach for the Pakistani team was found murdered in his hotel room in Kingston. I sure hope some crazed Pakistani fan,and not a native Jamaican did it. By the way, Pakistan lost to Ireland, which would be like the Raiders losing to Indianapolis in football. The upset was huge. I just hope the Wset Indies decide to show up and represent. They have more talent than any team in the world, but unfortunately, just show up to play when they feel like it. Still, my money is on Australia, or the South Africans to win the cricket world cup.

Hey, what ever happened to Matteen Cleves?

Oh, one more thing: Damn the new Ms. U.S.A. is fine!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hope You Didn't Bet On The Field Negro's Picks

So what am I left with? Six out of sixteen, six out of freaking sixteen! So I was wrong about Wisconsin, and Va Tech, and Texas. Turns out these teams were frauds. But hey, at least I have three of the final four teams still in the mix. Maryland and Virginia really weren't fraud teams, they just lost tough games. Still, this tournament has not had any real upsets, the lowest seed left is a seventh seed for crying out loud.

So let the Madness continue. We are down to sixteen, and soon there will be eight. I am scared to make picks again, so I will just stick to my final four and keep my fingers crossed. As for the remaining picks, just go with the little old lady from accounting, I bet she got more than six out of sixteen.

Did the Sixers just lose by fifty to Yao and the Rockets? Geeez! The wort ever loss in Sixer home history. I don't care what anybody says, there is no way a team with A.I. would have lost by fifty. That cat has too much heart. Yep, these are the times I miss A.I. I don't care if they had just won twenty in a row, you can't lose by fifty to anybody.
I'm out.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Madness!!!!

So March Madness is finally upon us. I must confess, along with the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, and the Penn Relays, this has become my favorite American sporting event. I love where we all get our office pools and pretend at least during the next couple of weeks, that we are smarter than all those ESPN analyst and paid basketball gurus out there. Forget that the winner of the pool will be some clueless old lady who picked her favorite teams because she liked their uniforms or she thought their coach was cute. Every year we mull over our picks as if this will be the year where we get all sixteen of the sweet sixteen teams right.

So what the heck, I will play along with everyone else in America and make some picks. Rather than bore you with all of my picks, I will give the you my sweet sixteen and my two finalist. Everything else is just up in the air as far as I am concerned.

So here goes:

EAST REGION: I am going chalk with North Carolina, check out my man Wayne Ellington, his game is all Philly. Then there is too much Durant and Texas, a minor upset with the 11th seeded George Washington, (Yeah Jimmy Calhoun isn't in this tourny, but his best recruiter ever, Karl Hobbs coaches down at GW and he has some athletes) and another slight upset pick with the 7th seeded Boston College. (I love Al Skinner)

SOUTH REGION: I am starting by going chalk again and picking Greg Oden and OSU. ("With the first pick in the draft, the [insert team here] select Greg Oden out of Ohio State University") I like Virginia to also shine in this region. (Check out their guards, one is a Philly guy, Sean Singletary, so you know they are nice) Texas A&M (Sorry Rick Pitino), and Memphis who I have loved all year and should have been a one seed.

MIDWEST REGION: Mmmmm minor upset here. I like Arizona taking out the Gators in the second round, I also like Maryland, Oregon, and Wisconsin who just might have the best player (Alando Tucker) in the country right now.

WEST REGION: Ahh I hate to do this, but I am going with Tubby and Kentucky over Kansas in the second round. I am also going with Va Tech (don't ask why just a gut feeling),Pitt, I know you didn't seriously think I was going to pick Duke did you, and UCLA. Ben Howland is an underrated coach and always gets it done come tournament time.

Your final four is; UCLA, Maryland, North Carolina, and Memphis.

So that's it folks. In a few days I am either going to look like a genius or a goat. But hey, at least I know I won't be alone. I bet only that little old lady in the office will be smiling.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hoops hoops and more hoops!

Break up the Sixers! Six in a row, are you kidding me? Who would have thunk it. Caught them at the "Wach" last night against Mr. Elbows AKA Kobe and the Lakers, and I swear I think they can make the playoffs now. That behind the back slam dunk that the other A.I. threw down was worth the price of admission. I can't believe I am saying this; but they are actually playing much better without the real A.I.

Speaking of the real A.I.. Yeah I saw the sick cross over and bucket last night against the Pistons, but they still lost. They are five and ten when Melo and A.I. are on the floor together. I am starting to think that they can't co-exist. And I am hearing that Melo is starting to grumble about more shots. Why didn't I see this coming? I was one of the few people saying that A.I. will adjust his game, and will start dishing dimes in the Mile High city, but it seems I was wrong. Looks like my man is back to being the same old ball hawk that has to get his thirty shots a game. Still, I hope the Nuggets make the playoffs, because at the end of the day, A.I. is still the most fun player to watch in the league.

Yes I am caught up in March Madness. I told you everybody that will listen to watch out for Memphis, but no one is listening to the field. I am telling you right now they will be a final eight team, I don't care where they are seeded or what region they are in. With all due respect to "Joey Brackets" from ESPN, they should be the number one seed in the West and not UCLA.

And can someone tell me just what the f**k Tubby was doing calling his player from the free throw line. (Tubby it's called over coaching) They lost the possession and the game to a Mississippi State team they should have beaten. I am telling you Tubby, you had better put your crib up for sale in Lexington, cause your days are numbered in blue grass country.

So the beast of the east is baaaack. The "nice" John Thompson is doing a heck of a job, and G-Town might actually make some noise in the tournament this year. I am not crazy about their guard play, but their big men play well on both ends of the floor. And speaking of big men, I see Greg Oden is stepping up his game for the Big Ten tournament. I think Oden will be an even better pro, because the college game is guard oriented and in the modern college game big men just don't dominate like they used to. Heck Shaq never made it pass the second round when he was at LSU. I am saying all that to say this; if they draft were held today and I had the first pick, I would have to go with the big fella, Mr. Oden.

Before I go I have a couple of more things on my mind: I think the AD at LSU is being a real weasel by not either coming out and supporting Pokey Chatman, or telling us just what the f**k is going on. Yeah I know there has been whispers of a sexual relationship between her and one of her past players, so step up and tell us what the University really thinks instead of playing bull sh** games with a great coaches career. And Bobby Knight, please shut the f**k up! Is it any ones fault that you are stuck out in nowhere Texas with no shot at getting quality recruits instead of doing your screaming on a great Big Ten stage in Bloomington? Your little outburst against that reporter was uncalled for: "You need to get some exercise boy" Ahhh look who is talking? Have you seen your fat gut lately General ?

I'm out.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Philly Hoops

Penn Quakers are in the dance! It seems that every year the boys from West Philly are the first to punch their ticket. And if you think they are just a bunch of white boys who play in the Ivy and can't ball. You better think again. They routinely beat teams in the Big Five here in Philly, and they always have some serious ballers (black and white) on their squad. I bet Fran Dunphy is kicking himself for leaving to go to Broad Street.

I'll be dammed of the Sixers didn't fool around and win again last night. (three in a row) Folks, we might as well forget about that Greg Oden sweep stakes. These boys are acting like they even want to make the playoffs. Andre Miller is the truth. Yeah I still miss A.I., but I'll be damned if Miller ain't making life a little easier without the "Answer".

And is that Larry Brown looking over Mo's shoulder? Rumor has it that he wants the Vanilla -nova coach, Jay Wright, to take over the Sixers. He sure has been to allot of Vanilla-nova games lately, and trust me, it ain't to scout the players, it's the coach he wants. Of course if Jay won't bight I am sure Larry will be more than happy to take over the Sixers again. Andre Miller is his types of point guard, and now that the other A.I. is on his way to becoming a super star, Larry would love nothing better to be a part of a Sixer rebirth. I say it still can't really happen until we get rid of our GM, that f*****g Dukie, Billy King.

Happy anniversary Wilt. It was 45 years ago yesterday that you dropped your sick 100 points up in Hershey, Pennsylvania against the Knicks. Since we are talking Philly hoops, what better way than to end it with you, the greatest baller ever, (yes MJ even better than you) and the pride of Overbrook High.

I'm out.