Even field Negroes like to play.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


OK so David Beckham is gracing our shores and will be playing in the MLS next year. How nice for the glamorous one? And he even gets to play in L.A. But here is the problem; I watched the World Cup too, and except for when he made free kicks, Beckham was the worst player on the English squad. He could rarely get back and make a tackle after an attack, and his runs were awful. Yep there is a reason the English team got rid of him. Just ask Wayne Rooney,Joe Cole, and Ashley Cole if they will miss him.

Still, he will bring fans to the MLS game, and maybe this time fan interest will stick. Lord knows the MLS needs to do something. And, I hear several mid range Premiership teams were bidding for his services, as well as some top flight Italian teams. But Mr.Posh Spice only wanted to go to Chelsea, or Man U, and when that didn't happen, he took the MLS millions and ran with it. (250 million over five years)

My prediction, the Galaxy will win a bunch of games and Beckham will do alright. But he won't help them win the MLS cup, and he ain't getting a long term contract to return to Europe like he wants after this little MLS run. I think he will be surprised to see that the level of play here on this side of the pond is pretty good, and he won't be able to just run through the league.Just wait until he runs up against the likes of my man Bakary Soumare (formerly of UVA) he will see that there are some athletes over here too.

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