Even field Negroes like to play.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I have been blessed to witness a few great sporting events live in my life time, and watch some great athletes up close and personal. The following ones come to mind:

Pele: As a kid, I saw him playing for his Brazilian club team, Santos, at the National Stadium in Kingson Jamaica. The first time he touched the ball you just knew he was special. No lie, I felt goose bumps!

Michael Johnson: Caught him at the Penn Relays. I will never forget that turn for the final 100 yards. I was cheering for the Jamaicans, but trust me, everyone in the house knew the race was over when he took the baton.

Magic: I was fortunate to watch EJ first play in Junior High School, and then a few times while he played with the Lakers. And all I can say is that he deserved the nickname.

Mike Tyson: Saw him destroy Michael Spinks at the Trump in 1988. Hell, I was scared of the mother f****r, and I wasn't even near the ring.

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