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Saturday, January 20, 2007

How Can You Tell A Dog?

Nice to see C-Web get his wish and return to his hometown Pistons. Seems like a marriage made in heaven right about now. And C-Web is dreaming of a championship ring for his trophy case. That's all good and well, but did he have to really dog it like he did when he was here in Philly?

I mean come on C-Web, you have a 21.4 career average, and your last 18 games here with my Sixers you averaged 11 ppg, and played zero D. Now I know your knees are shot, but I have been watching you these last couple of games with Detroit, and it seems like right after you cleared waivers, those knees just got so much better. Mmmmmm.

Hey, C-Web, I liked you with the Fab Five, and I was one of the few people in America that didn't kill you for that "time out" thing. But I am starting to wonder my man, are you doing another "Big Dog"; jaking it to get out of town so that you can go collect a ring with the team that you think has a shot to win it all? I mention "Big Dog because that's exactly what he did before going to San Antonio.

I know it was one of your boy hood wishes to play with your hometown team, but the Sixers deserved more than your 11 ppg, and your 20 million hitting their cap.

And speaking of the Sixers, nice win last night against the Shackless Heat, but thanks to their God awful GM, they still stink. A 17 point lead was gone before you can say D-Wade, and they almost blew the game. It took overtime to finally pull it out,and even then, you had to think they would still find a way to lose. So yes folks, it''s official, Billy King is a terrible GM, and I am not surprised, given the fact that he is a fu****g Dukie!

I am going to have to seriously reconsider whether the Sixers should take Greg Oden from OSU if they get the first pick in the draft.( Yes he is coming out) Because my man Kevin Durant is the truth. Twenty four points and ten boards a game average? Are you kidding me? My man is the best thing to come out of Maryland since Stevie Franchise. I think the Longhorns might go deep into this years dance, and if my man decides to leave school....well let's just say that I don't want Billy King making this pick.

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