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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well it's a new year, and the field is pumped. I caught some of the bowl games, and I was ...well bowled over by some of the performances. First, I must give some love to LSU, for stomping those hated "domers". (God I hate Notre Dame) Charlie the fat man was totally out coached and I think we should hold off on that bust of him right in front of touchdown Jesus for now.

Did anyone see the Boise State Oklahoma game? Classic! Except for the part where that running back proposed to his cheer leader girlfriend. Was it just me, or did that seem just a way bit creepy. What else? Oh, it seems some of these mid major conferences -especially the WAC gave a good accounting of themselves. The SEC on the other hand, I am not so sure about. No way Tennessee should have lost to Penn State, and I will get to Bama in a minute.

OK minute up. Yes folks, my beloved Tide backed up the Brinks truck to Nick Saban's door and he could not resist. Isn't non-prophet status great? 40 million over ten years, now that's big time. I was starting to wonder there for a minute. I mean the West Virginia coach turned us down for crying out loud. WEST VIRGINIA! Like since when did that become a storied program over Alabama? I know the folks down in Bayou country are fuming, but get over that sh**, you would have done the same thing. Can you imagine if DeMarcus Russell had stayed home and not went to Baton Rouge? Well folks, I think Mr. Saben was thinking the same thing.

Nice to see the Sixers put together a nice little winning streak. And yes, A.I. is doing just fine in that mile high altitude. Just wait until Melo gets back, they are going to be so sick together. I can see A.I. averaging twelve dimes a game now.

My Iggles play the G-Men this Sunday in the playoffs, and I can't wait. In case you did not know, that is absolutely the team I hate the most in the no fun league. They talk allot of crap, and can never back it up. And I am so tired of the whole Manning family thing. None of those boys have ever won squat on any level, so please folks no more of the Manning boys until they can actually win when it counts. Like how do you think those idiots in New York are feeling right about now after damn near giving the Super Bowl to San Diego? I said it then and I will say it again; New York should have taken Phillip Rivers.

Hey, whatever happened to Anthony Mason?

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