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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Damn this is hard to watch! I am talking about the Sixers here. A once venerable and great franchise reduced to losing game after game after game. (Trust me, tonight we will lose to the only other team in the league that's worse than we are, the Griz)I mean where is the good Doctor when you need him? If ever the Sixers needed a doctor, any doctor, it's now. They are pathetic, and it seems, getting worse with every game. Poor Mo Cheeks. The guy is already not the greatest coach, and with a sorry bunch like this, he really looks bad. Poor Rodney Carney, and poor Louis Williams, both young players who probably are thinking; what the hell did I get myself into here?

Yes folks, the house that A.I. built is getting emptier and emptier these days. And honestly, you can't blame the fans. I mean if they played exciting ball and were 10-28 in the worst division (The Atlantic) in the NBA, you could understand. But they play ugly ball and they lose. There is just no joy in Mudville with this bunch.

Oh, for the days of the Doc making house calls to the rack, "Chocolate Thunder" throwing down rim rattling dunks, and my man Mo Cheecks dropping dimes with the smooth grace of the Clyde. Oh well, I guess us folks here in Philly will just have to live out this winter of our discontent. (Oh yeah, the Flyers suck too), and hope and pray that we get the number one pick in the draft and move to the head of the Greg Oden sweepstakes.

This is how bad it is here: Our local paper, the Inquirer, actually ran a whole front page story on Oden. What a nice kid he is, what a great player he will be....blah blah blah.

Yeah that all sounds nice, but I want to win ow, I want to see some exciting ball now, and I am sick of losing. The sad thing is, this division is sooooo weak, that even a team like the Toronto Raptors can take it. So of all the years to stink, we choose this one.

Yo Doc, do you think you can suit em up just one more season?

And another thing; happy B-Day Muhammad Ali! But can we stop trotting the poor guy out there for every fu****g event under the sun? Geez! Let the guy grow old in peace for crying out loud. I swear if I have to watch that one more time. It's sad and it's hard for me. The guy is one of my all time favorite athletes, and a true field Negro. So watching him shaking lie a leaf with Parkinson's decease and barely able to walk is hard for me.

So enough already, the "Greatest" deserves better.


twins15 said...

I doubt things will get any better until Billy King is fired... what an awful GM he is.

Mini Me said...

Nice blog! I just found it. Is it really the Greg Oden sweepstakes anymore? I think Durant might be better!