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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Roundup From The Weekend

OK, let me be the first to congratulate Ms. Manning on her wonderful performance today! You stepped up and took your Colts to the Superbowl, that was big time coming back from being down 18 points. Now would it be too much to ask you to win the bowl when you get there? But I am not going to put too much on Ms. Manning right now, she delivered today and that's what counts. Congrats Lovie and Tony. Two field Negroes meeting for all the marbles, now that's a beautiful thing. I just don't want the two black coaches overkill talk leading up to the big game. A mention here and there, but that's it. Unfortunately, if I know the networks, that's all we will hear about. Still, if it can help some up and coming black coaches get jobs...maybe it's not such a bad thing.

Rex Grossman stepped up for Da Bears, and had a nice drive when they really needed it. Rex, the windy city is hoping you have one more nice game left in you, or they are toast. I just don't think that D is good enough to stop Ms. Manning, Marvin, Joseph, and company.

I caught Kevin Durant against Vanillanova, and he came up kind of small. (4-15 for 12 points). The real star in the game was my man Scottie Reynolds from Nova who dropped 26 on the boyz from the Lone Star state. Still, he looks like a nice enough player, but I am still leaning to Oden if the Sixers have the first pick in the draft. Although I wouldn't be hurting if we ended up with Joakim Noah and the second pick. I think he will be a nice pro too.

What the f**k is going on with Tubby down at Kentucky? He lost to Vanderbilt of all teams, and I bet they are starting to whisper in Lexington. I love Tubby but he hasn't really been doing any big time recruiting, and the cats have not done anything int he dance in awhile. Come on Tubby, time to step up.

A.I. and Mello debut together tomorrow night, and I can't wait.I hope the idiots here with the Sixers brass saw A.I. drop 36 on Houston last night including a three ball off the glass in OT. If you are counting, that makes three in a row for the Nuggets.

Hey, did anybody see Deuce McCallister in today's game? I mean did he have to turn informer on somebody or something? I swear he must be in the witness protection program, because I did not see him at all. Anyway, nice season Saints, thanks for all the nice memories. Better luck next year.

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Mini Me said...

Good for you Peyton! I think you are gonna kick the Bear's A$$ in 2 weeks.