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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Damn They Are Good!

OK true confessions,I am not a big Tiger Woods fan-more of a Vijay Singh man myself-but I must admit; the guy has some serious game. I just knew he was going to lose to the young Aussie today, and I will be damn if he -the young fellow-didn't choke. What is it about Tiger that turns seasoned pros into jelly, and young bucks to whimpering also rans? Must be the clubs, or is it the club covers? Whatever it is, I think we are witnessing the greatest ever to play the game right before our very eyes.

Speaking of the greatest ever; it's now official in my book. Roger Federer is better than Pete Sampras. Who before Federer came along, I considered the greatest tennis player of all time.
My man has the complete game. And he can beat you with power or finesse. He did it again last night down under, and I think from the first serve in the match to the final point, every one watching knew that Federer was going to add another grand slam title to his belt.

So enjoy folks, we are living in a time when we have not one but two of the greatest ever in their respective sports playing at the same time.