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Monday, January 15, 2007

LT Is Right!

OK a couple of things I gotta get off my chest. First, LT was right! The Patriots are a classless bunch of phonies and I despise every one of those sorry ass uni wearing New Englanders. Having said that, they are probably the best organization in football since Bill Walsh's Forty Niners.

Now let's talk about their coach for a minute. You know, the guy with the personality only his mother, and Bill Parcells could love. The guy that pushed the camera man in New England, the guy that refused to shake his protege's hand, and the guy that chooses to wear that God awful looking hoody on the sidelines. I think he is a bad human being, but a great coach. Kind of like that guy coaching basketball at some obscure Texas University who just passed Dean Smith's winning record. Must be something to being a jerk and a good coach. Maybe the guys respect and fear you more. Hey, you know what's that they say about nice guys finishing last. Just ask Mo Cheeks.

So yeah, I bet he allowed, and probably encouraged his players to go dancing on the Chargers logo. No telling what they were saying in the locker room. I am sure it went something like this: "No one is giving us a chance, those Chargers or America does not respect you let's go kick their butts, and show them who we are ....blah blah blah" You know the speech. Yet, they put on a public face like they have so much respect for the Chargers, and their other opponents. But I blame the Chargers, they were sloppy, poorly coached, and not hungry enough. And memo to LT, save that fighting and passion for during the game next time, not after it.

And one final word: This is for Lovie Smith in Chicago. You are one of the lowest paid coaches in the league-typical-and you have done a terrific job with the Bears. Do not take any bull sh** offers from them. Demand a big contract, and demand that they open the bank and give you some of that mad NFL money that their owners are sitting on. The Home Depot guy in Atlanta -Arthur Blank-just gave Bobby Petrino four million for crying out loud! And Saban just got that to go and coach in college. So please Lovie, stand up and be a man, and if they give you a bull sh** offer, tell them to go and fu** themselves. Trust me, you will land o your feet.

I'm out!

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