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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Did He Just Punt?

Excuse me folks if I am fit to be tied right about now! I just watched my genius of a coach the L.A. Weight Loss Man himself, Andy Reid, give away a game to the "Who Dats" by punting on the 39 yard line with a minute and fifty four seconds to go in the f*****g game. Oh, did I mention that we were down by three at the time? Geeez! Andy what were you thinking? Did you really think we could stop Deuce McAllister once we got the ball back?

Now if this were any other team but the "Who Dats" who happen to be my second fave team behind the iggles, I would be really pissed, but I can live with the Saints going to the NFC title game. Lord knows if anyone deserves it, they do. I won't even get into all those people have been through down there, and the long history of bad teams they have had. Besides my ties and kinship to Louisiana, that's why I have always liked the Saints, because I just love an under dog.

Is Deuce still running? Like what the f**k? I mean I know our defense was gassed, but can they stop the run just once in a while? It was sickening to watch McAllister and #25 -you know the guy with the President's name-just gash run after run after run.

And I see Payton Manning finally found a way to win in the playoffs; leave it to his defense, and let them do the job. Tony Dungy has that D playing like the ones he had in Tampa. Now if he can just get Payton to stop choking in the playoffs, the Colts might have something this year.

What happened to Steve McNair today? The poor guy looked shell shocked. Must be something about wearing that Ravens uniform that makes QB's look bad. Their D showed up as usual, but their offense let them down, and I think Brian Billick was out coached.

Oh well, that's it for me folks, I will try to get some sleep now, but it will be hard, I just can't get that damn punt out of my mind.

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