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Monday, January 08, 2007

See You In Nawlins!!

Ahhhhh, the day after my iggles put a royal ass whopping on the G-Men. I know I know we only won by a field goal, and for a moment there it looked like Tiki was going to do enough to delay his debut on "Good Morning America". But hey, we pulled it out, and that's what good teams do.

Oh, and memo to all the bone heads in the NFL who did not vote Brian Westbrook on to the pro bowl team. There are some really good smokes in Kentucky too. You don't have to get all of your weed from Jamaica and Northern Cali. And you might want to stop smoking just long enough to make an intelligent selection.

This Saturday will be tough for me. Because I love those "Who Dats" too, and the "Big Easy" will be rocking. This is a win win for the field. Whichever teams wins I will be happy. Although it would be nice to talk some smack to my boyz in Louisiana.

I hate to admit it, but I feel bad for the Cowpokes and Toney -I dated Jessica Simpson-Romo-Kind of reminds me of something similer that happened to my iggles against those very hated cow pokes a few years back. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

Hey, I know this is a rebuilding year for the Flyers, but.....damn they look bad, I though no matter how bad you were in the NHL, you still have a chance every night due to goal keeping? Well the Flyers just don't look like they have a chance every night, and that's a really bad thing.

The best basketball team in Philly is not the Sixers, or any of the Big Five teams.(Temple,Villanova,St.Joes, Penn, or Lasalle) No folks the best team in Philly is the Drexel Dragons. They are playing some sick ball, and Bruiser Flint looks like the real deal as a coach. They have put a beat down on some serious teams (like Syracuse) already and have damn near walked through the Big Five. Mmmmm, not sure how much longer the Dragons will be able to keep Bruiser in West Philly.

And one last thing about these fickle ass fans in my beloved Philly. Hey, I love Jeff Garcia as much as the next guy, and yes he has been a God send. But please stop with the QB controversy talk. This is D- Macs team, and Jeff Garcia,weak arm and all, might know how to run this offense, and I like his fire and passion. But he ain't no Donovan McNabb. So please turn off that moron on WIP in the mornings and get some sense in your heads.

The field is out.

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